UPDATE: Two killed in Fremont fire

House was fully involved when firefighters arrived, identities of victims released.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 24, 2013


UPDATE 7:02 p.m. — Neighbors say a woman and her child were killed in the fire.

Brenda Shorty and one of her daughters, 2-year-old Vinesha Darden, were unable to escape the flames.

Investigators have not confirmed their identities, but neighbors said Shorty was a mother to six children, five others who were not home when the early morning blaze started.

Neighbors also said a man who lived there, Abdul Darden, was able to escape.

Firefighters are unsure whether there were smoke dectectors were in home.

Original post — An adult and a child were killed in an early morning fire on May Street, Fremont fire Capt. Marvin Wagner said.

The department answered the call for the fire at 4:12 a.m., but when they arrived at 520 1/2 May St., the home was fully engulfed in flames, he said.

It took about an hour for firefighters to get the blaze under control, then with help from the state fire marshal's office, they spent the next seven hours sorting through the ashes.

The bodies were discovered in the east side of the duplex, Wagner said. No one was living in the west side.

Investigators have yet to positively identify the victims, and the bodies will likely be sent to the Lucas County Coroner's Office for autopsies.

Other details, about which part of the house the bodies were found in and what the possible source of the fire was are not yet being released.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal's office is the lead investigator on the case.



What a horrible way to die! My sympathies go out to the family - whoever they may be. I've always wondered though why they send the bodies that need an autopsy to Lucas County instead of doing in their own. Seems like no matter what the cause of death may be too, the bodies are sent out. Just seems very odd - always has

Simple Enough II

We in sandusky county do not have the resources, several counties contract that out to those counties, that have the facilities with equipment & personnel to conduct them.


I understand that some counties don't have the facilities to do this, however here in Erie County we have a coroner and as far as I know we have the facilities to conduct autopsies yet most of them are still sent to Lucas County. The position of County Coroner is voted on I believe every year but that I'm not sure about.


Anyone can be elected Coroner, you don't even have to be a doctor. Thats why they are sent to other counties.


Erie County coroner does not preform autopsies. He sends the deceased to Lucas County too.


Lucas County is where they have a Medical Examiner which is different from a coroner. A coroner is somebody who can and will declare death, sign death certificates, things of that nature. If an autopsy is required to determine the cause of death, that gets sent to a medical examiner.


I hate to see stuff like this. Very sad.

Simple Enough II

Shame there is a strong rumor going round her boyfriend could be involved. Looked him up, nice guy, hell of a record Abdul!


LOL first thing I thought Simple Enough II was he did it to cover something...first something helped it become fully engulfed in a short time and how would he get out but her and her 2 year old didnt make it??? Seems fishy...could be wrong..but I bet there will be more to this in the end..


I heard he was handcuffed that night on scene.


It sounded suspicious to me as I read the article. Not to say that one person could get out and others couldn't but it just sounds suspicious.