Outlaws pound on TV crew

Channel 13 news team chased away during club house raid.
May 31, 2013


Report: Outlaws don’t like news crews 

Members of the Sandusky Outlaws chased a Toledo news crew away from their Dewitt Avenue clubhouse Wednesday, following an FBI raid earlier in the day, according to a police report.   

Just before noon, several Outlaws exited the building and began cursing at employees from the Toledo-based ABC Channel 13 news team, demanding they leave the area, the report said. When the news crew started to drive off, Outlaws members ran after them and pounded on their van. The news team didn’t leave — they simply put some distance between them and the bikers and then called Perkins police.   

One Outlaws member told officers he was upset the news team was filming the clubhouse. Police told the news team to contact the Ohio Veteran’s Home police and obtain permission to film from their property.

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Big sissies..cant believe they even bothered police for this..lol


My mommy always told me if you've got nothing to hide what are you worried about! LOL!!!


LOL? Laughing Out Loud? I totally missed the humor in your statement. What was so funny about what you said? Lost

BULLISDEEP's picture

Thought the streets were public.
Besides if you didn't have that big sign on your house .


Did you mean to type that comment that way? Makes no sense, or maybe it's just me.


It made sense to me


Think I would have just told them to go pack sand.. must not be full of the brightest people there, as the feds were just there. so what do you do next, chase and pound on a news crews van.. people w/ cameras.. yea, that's gonna help your case boys.. some geniuses over there I would assume.


Ha ha ha real tough guys beating up a van ha ha ha. I'll bet that van hurts now, maybe not as much as your hand though. You just can't fix stupid!


why don't you ring buzzer at their door and tell that to their face ?? easy to hide behind a keyboard.


I find it HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL for the police to tell the news team to call the Veteran's Home and sit on their property instead. A bit disrespectful to the Veterans if you ask me. I have dealt with news crews and they can get a bit pushy and have NO boundaries.


police have no balzzzz to side with the outlaws

The Bizness

I don't think the police sided with them but you can't sit park in the middle of a road.

You also have to have permission to be on someones property.

What a bunch of whiners though.


News crews believe they have a RIGHT to capture the news (maybe they do) but folks also have the RIGHT to tell them to get their cameras out of their face.

How many times have we seen cameras surrounding someone trying to capture the moment and intimidating them as they do it? I've seen it many times on the news (of all places).

Move on, there's another story just around the corner in this town.


I agree that some news crews do overstep their boundaries but we don't know if that is what happened here. Now on the other hand, chasing a van down the street pounding on the side of it is pretty immature for a grown man. Real nice image Outlaws.


cowboy, do you really believe everything you read? Ther are 2 coveres on every book . People don't know the facts, sterotypers is all.


I saw a commercial and you can't put it on the Internet if it's not true! So yeah, I believe everything on the internet!


I also stayed at a Holiday Inn Express! So I'm an expert on pretty much everything!

Julie R.

So has anybody learned yet what the raid was about?


warrant was "investagative" no real grounds


I don't think it is LE's responsibility to protect the media. We all know how intrusive they can be. There was no reason for them to be there if no one involved was talking!

dire wolf

i think it is their responsibilty to protect all citizens. Is it just the media or can you list all the groups that are exempt from police protection?


If they had been acting as private citizens I would agree with you but in their capacity as journalists, I disagree.


From what I know, the raid is under wraps. The Perkins PD doesn't even know.

I am still trying to figure out the public records for the parcels along Dewitt. Somebody got a huge 50% discount on property taxes.

See parcels 32-04009.000 vacant land?
32-01183.000 over 50% drop in valuation.
32-02366.000 vacant land?

I wonder if the FBI agents came in fron Toledo, Ohio.



I just want to know the details as to why the FBI was there in the first place, why aren't they saying?


The FBI cannot say anything until the court search warrant and other court documents are unsealed. The only thing that the Sandusky chapter had in common with the Indiana raids was that a "patched" member from Sandusky was arrested along with a bunch of "associates" from the Indiana chapters. Here is some public information from the Indiana raids.




yup nothing like the the unknown. LOL



Erie County Resident

I thought the Outlaws from what they say are just a bunch of little boys and girls playing in thier sandbox and not violent at all.
I guess this proves my point.
It's NOT a "CLUB" it is a "VIOLENT GANG"!!!

Channel 13 can park in the public access parking strip across the street anytime they want, but not there according to the Outlaws.


nope it is a club same as warthogs but not as arrogant.


like you would even know? laughing at you sooo there are outlaw girls ? no females ever was patched plz get yor GED so you can spell correctly!


Do any of you actually know any members of The Outlaws? They are not all about violence. You hear every day about bad people in general and guess what they aren't in gangs or motorcycle clubs.People are people it doesn't matter if you are a church goer who snapped and murdered or a kid who flipped from stress of life. Get past the stereotype people.


yes I had chance to sit next to few member having a cold one. never heard bad word out of any of them. one did offer a seat for my g-friend so she could sit at bar.

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all you people complaining about the Outlaws have no idea what the actually do for this town. I would rather have them than half the people in this city . People like the ones who kill a mother and her children or who stab their 12 month old cousin or kill cops or the many many wanna be gangsters here. One thing they never cause problems and I for one support my local outlaws SYLO


I agrre with you smithman , I would sit anytime with an Outlaw tha n must people in a bar. or diner. At least I know it would be safe and I wouldn't have to have my back to the wall.


Violent gang? Please!!!!! You are stereotyping without a clue


You don't want them there? Fine....so they leave and you chase them down like a bunch of crazies???? Also where else could they go other than OVH?? They can't film from the middle of the street


Why isn't channel 13 filming at the WHITE HOUSE?


Outlaws should have the motto used in a movie series "We solemnly swear that we are up to no good."

I have known women who were gf/wives of the outlaws. These are not good men. Some of these men are extremely abusive to their women. They deal in drugs and weapons. It is no wonder the gang is under FBI investigation. Just another criminal gang of thugs who do not earn respect or deserve respect. They intimidate and harm to get what they feel is respect. It is not respect. Fear is not respect.
Respect is freely given and earned not forced from fear.

Some man on Columbus Ave killed a coyote out of fear. I would fear an Outlaw more than an coyote any day.