No charges in fatal Ohio Turnpike pile up

Three died in March crash
Melissa Topey
May 7, 2014


A Sandusky County grand jury declined to indict anyone who could have faced vehicular homicide in the multiple vehicle crash in March on the Ohio turnpike that killed three and injured a trooper.

Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt confirmed the decision in the case which was presented Tuesday.

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How outrageous! First those crooked Sandusky County bums allow the "real" Limberios killer to slip through their fingers, then they coddle the jail guards who murdered that Crazy Burdine guy and sexually harassed a willing prisoner, then they refuse to bring Dewine in to deal with the inherent conflicts, despite the Register-led outcry, then they bring Dewine in, overlooking the inherent conflicts, despite the Register-led outcry, they refuse to bring the rogue trooper to justice until forced to do so by Julia Bates and the Register-led outcry, and now they let these scofflaw drivers go because "It was Icy!!!" I demand that the feds become involved immediately to investigate the true conditions on that roadway and determine what relationship those drivers had to Team Ray and Kyle Overmeyer! We need to correct this miscarrage of justice!
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Well, that makes as much sense as 90% of the drivel posted on these stories.

Florence Nightingale

Hahaha! Oh my goodness, Gun, you had me going there for a minute! That. Was. Brilliant!


Glad to see one of two commenters recognizes satire in a venue which is desperately begging for it!

A Young Adult's...

Calling Dr. Phil, we need a lie detector performed for this turnpike crash situation.


It was a conspiracy I tell you! Between the Prosecutor's office and the weathermen!! I think it's time a true fact finder is brought in. :}


I think the Register needs to look for new writers from the blogs. they are better than some of those earning money and do it for free. Very funny, gun!