Full coverage of firefighter funeral procession

Includes photos and video of the procession as it made its way to the Chapel, through Perkins Township and Oakland Cemetery.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 1, 2014


The body of James “Jamie” Dickman, a former Perkins firefighter who died Sunday while fighting an apartment fire in Toledo, arrived at the Chapel at approximately 10:15 a.m. with an escort of firefighters. Dickman and fellow Toledo firefighter Stephen Machcinski both died in Sunday’s fire.

Firefighters from surrounding departments lined overpasses on Ohio 2 to salute the procession during the journey of over 200 vehicles.

Click HERE for full coverage of Fallen Firefighter Jamie Dickman

Funeral services at The Chapel begin at 1 p.m. Friday. When the service concludes at about 2 p.m., the main processional will leave The Chapel and go to Oakland Cemetery.

That route will be as follows:

• South on Galloway Road to Bogart Road.

• West on Bogart Road to Campbell Street.

• North on Campbell Street, with a pause at Perkins Fire Station No. 2, where Dickman was stationed as a Perkins firefighter.

• East on Perkins Avenue to Milan Road.

• South on Milan Road to Oakland Cemetery.

Milan Road may be closed from Strub Road to Perkins Avenue during the service, depending on the number of emergency vehicles involved in the procession. Northbound traffic will be diverted to Strub Road and southbound traffic will be diverted to Perkins Avenue.

Planners said people are encouraged to line the processional routes to pay their last respects to Dickman, although everyone is asked not to stand in the road. All vehicles should be parked off the streets. Some off-street parking will be available on Campbell Street, and there may be more available on Perkins Avenue and Milan Road.

For more information, call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.

Perkins Schools early dismissal
Perkins High School and Briar Middle School will have early dismissal times tomorrow to avoid disrupting the funeral procession, high school principal Mark Dahlmann said.
The high school will dismiss at 2:06 p.m., while the middle school will dismiss at 2 p.m.
Furry Elementary School and Meadowlawn Intermediate School will still dismiss at their normal times tomorrow. The bus that shuttles students to Perkins High School for pickup, however, will not run.
The district plans to notify all impacted families of the change using the one-call phone system.
Sandusky Central Catholic School students who ride a Perkins Schools bus home will also be dismissed early, according to the school's Facebook page. Parents must call 419-626-1892 to confirm their children will be taking the bus home, or find an alternative transportation method at the usual dismissal time of 2:45 p.m.



Hope your house doesn't catch on fire during this daylong spectacle!

I was robbed and assaulted during the Andy Dunn spectacle so I have strong feelings about this!


Are you serious right now? I pray you never have to deal with a death in your life as tragic as this! Jamie gave his life to save those of others. He was an outstanding son, husband, father and firefighter! Shame on you to not give your respect to this fine young man and his family. Dont you think they will have other departments covering the area? Oh that's right you probably have a 3rd grade education with a post like that. What a disgrace you are.


You are absolutely heartless! When you learn the meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood you'll understand. You are obviously just a piece of crap that sucks the system dry. I'm sure you'd be the first one to cry about it taking someone so long to save you. Or to come to your aide! Why hide behind a screen name and speak such ill words. Shane on you for speaking on the deceased as you have. Public safety is a family bond you wouldn't understand if you are not in the field. I will say an extra prayer for you because it must be hard living with such hatred in your heart. God Speed Jamie! And to his family my heart bleeds for you all. To the depts my heart bleeds for you as well.


No, "Shane" on you! Bet I pay more in taxes than you make...

I guess "lighthouse" is your real name?

Public safety is a family bond? Seriously? It's called nepotism. That's why so many county officials share just a few last names!


Oh my one word that wasn't spelled correct! Compared to your ignorant posts! No they are not getting paid over time...most are volunteering their time because that is what our family does! County officials and public safety is two different things again ignorant! Last I will respond to any of your posts for obviously you are an uneducated and heartless jerk! I hope you never "need" our family and we know who you are!!!!


I see you all the time on these blogs, leaving posts like this that get everyone mad, to me, you are a joke, someone who has nothing better to do than to come on here and try to get a rise out of people. This man lost his life trying to save someone and you mock his funeral? Do you think youre funny? Fact is, even if you were brave enough to reveal your identity (which we all know will never happen) and your house did catch on fire, firefighters would risk their lives to not only save your pathetic life, but your property too. So I wish people would stop fueling your fire, because you are literally nothing...


Wow Sandusksquach, what a tool you are.


Well spoken lighthouse.


Well spoken lighthouse.

everyday joe

What a heartless comment to make Sandusksquach! Show some respect, would you?? He is a hometown hero and should be treated as such! Thoughts of comfort going out to all our men and women in uniform today.


If we are lucky just YOURS. Karma. It sucks.

Tom Sawyer

^^^^^ like!


Moderators would remove my comment for what I have to say to you. Let's hope they remove yours just for general purpose.

Baba Booey

Oh maybe we will get lucky and Sandusksquach will die in fire next.


Wait, you are telling me that someone kicked your a$$. That is hard to believe. did they ever catch him (or maybe it was a her)? If so, let me know his or her name so I can shake their hand!


For your information they had all off duty firefighters from Sandusky manning the Perkins Fire Stations. Jamie was a firefighter and well liked both by Perkins and Sandusky firefighters. Either put up or shut up.


Thank you for your service the the communities. Rest in peace, God bless.


Thank you lighthouse well said.


Amen Lighthouse...Rest In Heaven Jamie Dickman...you are our Home town hero.


Thank you Lighthouse..Sandusksquah you are an idiot..Really disgusting comment to be at the top of the page. Jamie rest in peace and God's grace on your family during these times. You served Perkins well and were a good friend to all. Prayers for the family during this time.


Perkins Township Fire Department has been getting calls all week from other departments to come cover the Township so the Perkins firefighters can go pay there last respects and take Jamie to his resting place.


Very moving to see the firefighters on every overpass along Rt 2.

Tom Sawyer

I remember watching the spectacle of slain officer and hero Andy Dunn's funeral, it's a heart wrenching sight to say the least! Being 42 I hope to never see one again after today! Gods Speed Private Dickman!

Joe Schmoe

Margaretta Twp & Sandusky City sent firefighters and paramedics to cover both stations.


Bet they're being paid overtime...




You have that right BabyMomma

mimi's word

Sandusksquatch-Are you upset for when your times comes no one will notice? Really worried about the overtime pay Scrooge? For what these man and woman give we owe them alot more than overtime. I am sure Mrs. Dickman and her 2 kids would give you all your big tax money you pay back to have their dad back safe and sound.


Sandusksquach are you any relation to Sharon Johnson always complaining about money.


sandusksquach your a low life scumbag

Perkins Resident

I'm not upset with the processions and the honoring of the fireman. I'm glad they are doing it. I just wish this much respect was given to our fallen Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors.


I see we have one of those pieces of crap posting comments on here, no names, Sandusksquach, who just want to start some sort of BS on a day of mourning for both a family and a community. By the way there bud, not a single one of these people attending this funeral is being paid a single dime. There are those who came from out of state who paid for all their travel expenses and lodging out of their own pockets and I highly doubt you got robbed during the Dunn Funeral just because your full of sh**. Register, go ahead a delete this comment. This is something that needed said!


Everyone just quit talking/answering or fighting with him. Nothing more than a worthless troll looking for comments to make himself feel important. Someone that would never be able to understand the commitment or bond of a "family" of firefighters, police officers or military.


Wow, sit at your cozy computer and keep talking! Ignorant P O S! Tell me about your day at the office? Oh your coffee wasn't warm enough? Your stocks not making enough?!?! Paying to much taxes for those lazy Firefighters/Emts?!? Thing is no matter how ignorant, and selfish your comments are, I will still respond to your house and save your a**! I bet you would think different when you have pulled a lifeless body out of a fire, or do CPR on a child who is stiff blue and DEAD! Grow up!

VTX Rider

Rest in peace Hero!! May your family and friends heal quickly from the sorrow of their loss and celebrate your life.


Firemen and police "run IN" when everyone else is "running OUT"! To me, that makes EVERY SINGLE ONE of them HEROES! God bless the family of Mr. Dickman! He is a HERO!!! He is only receiving the honor he is due! The honor he EARNED! R.I.P., young man.


ok so let me get this straight.."I was robbed and assaulted during the Andy Dunn spectacle ...what does the above have to do with you getting robbed on that day, regardless the person would of robbed you anyways and the police could do nothing about it unless of course they were standing next to you when it happen LOL. Police were on duty that day, whether you get robbed or anyone, the police get called, no different than any other day 36, search for suspect. YOUR AN IDIOT!!!


Your all idiots.


Know who the blame should be placed on for a home being burglarized when Andy Dunn was honored?

The perp. Police couldn't have done "squatch" unless you were there and calling 911 while it was happening.

Rest in Peace, Jamie Dickman. Fire families like mine will mourn with the Dickman's for a long time.

he said she said

May FF Jamie Dickman rest in peace. You are gone but you will never be forgotten

Sandusksquach--every post that has your name on it should be banned from this blog.
You start %&it with all your ignorance and ignorance IS NOT bliss!! While you are gimping away from your burning property, firefighters like FF Dickman are running into your rat trap to try and save your family (if you have one) and your crap.

If you want to have this discussion elsewhere, let me know. Squaches are not real but in grainy films of people playing dress up and by sounds that anyone--probably you-- can make in the woods.......


NOT ONE CENT OF OVERTIME, NOT ONE, this was 100% donation of time and equipment. Is just what they do for each other when things like this happen.


What a selfish comment, squatch. Apparently you weren't taught respect for those who are selfless enough to give up their life for a stranger. When officer Dunn passed away, I can remember stations as far away as Cleveland (if I can remember right) sending officers who volunteered their time, which I thought was amazing, that they could all work together in an unfamiliar city. God bless these angels.


The comments by this person, Sandusksquach,whoever it is, should be totally ignored. Obviously, this person does not understand the meaning of respect, compassion or of giving freely out of love. May God comfort the family of this fireman who gave his life for someone else.


Rest in Peace Jamie, I know your grandfather Gene and grandmother Gladys was waiting for you to come and they welcomed you with open arms. May you rest in peace and God will watch over your family.


Its about firefighter Dickman, Perkins and Toledo Fire Dept. Other then the station in the back ground, the video dose not show the Toledo truck with Jamie, or any of the Perkins trucks.

God Of Thunder

It's too bad all he got was robbed and assaulted...Jackoff


Sasquach, you need to go back in the woods, as far as I'm concerned Sandusky, Perkins and the surrounding areas were the safest of all, you know how many fire personnel on hand we had today in case a major catastrophe broke out, tons, your mad cause its not about you, you will die alone my friend because obviously you do not deserve anyone.


The IAFF and FOP have bereavement teams that show up within hours of an on duty death. They handle everything from the procession, to any needs the families may have. I too would like to see processions for the Military also. They maybe do not have teams that put that together. I hope that answers Perkins resident. As for squach, you have no valued posts to this blog. They already deleted you once.