2 Toledo firefighters killed in building fire

James Dickman, a former Perkins Township firefighter, died while in the line of duty.
Associated Press
Jan 27, 2014


Two firefighters battling a blaze at an apartment complex near downtown Toledo were killed on Sunday, city officials said.

Firefighters Stephen Machcinski, 42, and James Dickman, 31, were killed while fighting the fire in the six-unit building, Toledo Fire Department Chief Luis Santiago said at a news conference Sunday night.

He said that Machcinski was a 16-year veteran of the force, while Dickman had been on the job for only six months. Both worked together at the same firehouse in the city.

EDITOR'S NOTE: James "Jamie" Dickman previously worked for the Perkins Township Fire Department. A fund has been started for his wife and two children HERE

Santiago said that the fire department will fully investigate the blaze, which was reported around 3:30 p.m.

Dr. Maneesha Pandey, a deputy coroner for Lucas County, told the Toledo Blade that autopsies are scheduled for Monday.

Ray Abou, the building's owner, told the Blade that there were seven tenants in six apartments in the building on Magnolia Street near the Huron Market and all are believed to be OK. One tenant told him that her pit bull puppy wasn't able to escape the fire.

The firefighters were attacking the blaze when they became disoriented, a battalion chief told WTOL-TV.

Santiago said that after the two firefighters suffered injuries inside of the building, fellow firefighters made "valiant efforts" to remove them and begin life-saving measures.

The firefighters were placed on stretchers and taken to Mercy St .Vincent Medical Center, where a large crowd of Toledo Fire Department personnel gathered.

"Everyone is just numb right now," Dan Desmond, vice president of Toledo Firefighters Local 92, told the ToledoBlade.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins asked that flags be flown at half-staff throughout the city on Monday.

"Please keep these families, the extended families of police officers and firefighters, the administration and the leadership in your prayers," Collins said at a news conference. "The next few days are going to be really challenging."



RIP to my brave hometown Fireman....my sympathys to the families and fellow firemen

entitled to my ...

What a horrible tragedy! Channel 11 reporting one of the firemen had only been on since September. God Bless.......


He was a member of the Perkins Township Fire Dept. before moving on to Toledo.


TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -
Toledo Fire Department officials have confirmed that the 2 firefighters injured fighting an apartment fire in north Toledo Sunday afternoon have died from their injuries.

The firefighters are Stephen Machcinski, 42, and James Dickman, 31.

Mr. Machinski has been with the Department since 1998.

Mr. Dickman was appointed to the department in September 2013.

They join other Toledo firefighters who died on duty, including 4 firefighters who died in 1961 when a gasoline tank truck exploded at City Park Avenue and The Anthony Wayne Trail.

RIP....these are the true HEROS to be celebrated. Not the ones that are seen on tv or in magazines.


James A. Dickham, was a former Perkins Twp Firefighter and EHOVE Student.


James Dickman.


So sad topdog:-(


Prayers and blessings


Mr. Dickman left Perkins Fire Department after many years to go to Toledo a few months ago.


I am so sorry to hear of the loss of fire fighters and I hope that the Sandusky Fire dept can be there when they lay them to rest , My thoughts and prayers go out to the Heros of the Toledo Fire Dept as well as all fire dept here as well as around the world . This is really hitting home because its so close to the death of another hero here in Sandusky .Thank you all , alive and passed for the love of the city that you lived to protect , even though you risk your lives for us , Its a debt that we as residents will never repay or forget . May the ones that have gave up their lives rest in Peace and thanks to all that tried to save a brother


Hope Sandusky Fire Department can be there also, But Perkins Fire Department is the place Mr. Dickman spent his fire carrier before Toledo.


career, not carrier-that would be something that you carry things in.


Two gentleman, two fathers, two sons, two uncles, etc. died for helping the greater good of humanity and you are correcting someone's spelling? Two heroes that did a job you would run from, die and you worry about spelling? You my "freind" are a tool!!!

And yes, I did spell friend incorrectly so you could bash me instead of two heroes!

Actually, you would be no friend of mine!!!!


I'm sure all the area fire departments will show up

J. Hartman

First and foremost, prayers and gratitude go out the the young men who go where we wish we had the balls to go! Tip of the cap gentlemen as I'm sure from the vision from above, you will know you were not only extremely loved, but so much so appreciated for you dedication to serve, protect, and care for the community at large. I will be sure to say many prayers for each and their families, as I believe our emergency responder's seldomley receive the credit or the pay they should. Again, my heart with the prayers from my entire family ask and pray for you to be strong! If there is anything the Sandusky Crime Prevention Council can do to assist, I beg you to ask and we will accommodate in any fashion we are capable of. Again, many prayers for those who gave all and many prayers for the family and community. God has Blessed you with two more angels. Much love John


Amen! And let's not forget about the ladies risking their live too.


My sympathies to the family, friends, and co-workers of the men who died even as they worked to save the lives of others. And THANK YOU to the men (and women) who daily risk their lives to help the rest of us. They're better, braver souls than most!


Amen Sam! I couldn't have said it better.


Thank God such men lived.


I have known James Dickman for a number of years now... We just lost another good guy. R.I.P. to both brave men.