Bicentennial Barn gets a facelift

Erie MetroParks completes $10,000 worth of improvements
Andy Ouriel
Jun 14, 2014

Let there be light — and new doors, fresh gutters and a shiny red paint job.

Erie MetroParks officials just finished bolstering The Barnyard property, home to Erie County’s lone Bicentennial Barn. The project took most of the spring to complete.

All new, workers installed:

• An electrical system, brightening up the barn's antique-filled interior.

• Metal sliding doors.

• Gutters to prevent water corrosion and preserve the structure.

They also placed new paint on portions of the barn.

All told, the work cost roughly $10,000, paid for with local park funds.

“The Bicentennial Barn has historical importance for the county. It is one of the most visible structures we have within the park district,” Erie MetroParks commissioner Kurt Landefeld said. “We want to make sure it’s kept in good shape. We were glad that we could do the necessary work so it’s enjoyable for the public for years to come. The upgrades are also important for the animals out there.”


The Barnyard

• WHAT: Farm property where people, especially children, can learn how animals live in their natural habitats. The farm’s home to alpacas, chickens, horses and a pig. People can either schedule visits or just stop by during normal hours to watch the animals.

• WHERE: 3819 E. Perkins Ave., Huron. The barn’s across from Osborn MetroPark.

• HOURS: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily during summer.

• CALL: 419-625-7783, ext. 221



Should have spent a few hundred bucks more and had MAIL POUCH painted on it, that would be cool.


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