Osborn MetroPark flexing its muscles

Coined the Outdoor Fitness Adventure center, park officials purchased easy-to-use exercise equipment to place around the track and behind the Frost Center.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 17, 2014
Osborn MetroPark is becoming the area’s premier and most versatile outdoor sporting venue.

The park, located off East Perkins Avenue, is already home to a major lacrosse tournament, baseball games, cross-country meets, soccer matches and disc golf.

Now it’s a place fit for bodybuilders. And hey, people looking to shed some weight or chisel their bodies can participate as well. Best of all: no gym membership required. Erie MetroParks commissioners recently approved spending up to $50,000 in local funds to place exercise equipment all around Osborn MetroPark. Coined the Outdoor Fitness Adventure center, park officials purchased easyto-use exercise equipment to place around the track and behind the Frost Center.

Funds also cover costs for a private changing area and restroom facility.

Park officials expect to debut the center by July 1.

“The equipment will let people come to Osborn MetroPark and get a complete workout,” Erie MetroParks commissioner Kurt Landefeld said. “This is the kind of improvement we’ve been asked to make to the parks”

Park officials also wanted to beef up free athletic facilities to combat a local epidemic. A recent report from the Erie County Health Department revealed about 74 percent of area adults consider themselves overweight or obese.

Maintaining and enhancing parks remain key points for officials as they try to gain support from Erie County residents this spring. In the May primary, Erie MetroParks goes on the ballot seeking new money for operations.



After wasting our tax dollars on legal fees, now they want more money from us and we have no control over how they spend it. Vote no!


I think this sounds pretty cool. The money I pay in taxes is MUCH cheaper than a gym membership. My daughter also loves the programs they do for kids. I love them because the programs are free :)