MetroParks has open discussion on gates

Park officials consider leaving gates open.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 20, 2013


Unlike Cedar Point, Erie MetroParks officials don’t have a gatekeeper.

So instead, a park ranger usually travels each night to several district properties, where he locks the gates leading into each parking lot.

Gates are located at many MetroParks properties, including Edison Woods, James H. McBride Arboretum and Castalia Quarry.

It typically takes about 90 minutes for one person to drive across Erie County — starting from the east and finishing in the west — to lock all the gates.

The laborious process seems inefficient. Realizing this, park commissioners and other workers started discussing the possibility of leaving all the gates open once a property closes.

All Erie MetroParks properties close at dusk, with some exceptions.

“Our immediate concern would lead to vandalism or other problems associated with nighttime activities,” Erie MetroParks commissioner Kurt Landefeld said. “But now a person won’t have to lock the gates, and they can patrol and keep an eye on other things. It’s one less task to do.”

Commissioners plan to talk further about this possible change in the coming weeks.



Is there any metro parks open to atv's or apv's? Properly licensed of course


There is no licensure. There is a registration sticker required to gain access to state owned riding areas.

Edison Woods would be a great place to have a riding area - it's the only place in the county with the topography for it. Unfortunately, it will probably never happen because the Metroparks are more interested in enticing people into the recreational pursuits in which the board thinks we should be engaged than in meeting the needs of residents and taxpayers.


Actually, they have an APV license plate now. Same size as a motorcycle plate. It was like 36$ for 3 years. Maybe $35.25. Either way, they need to make someplace an ATV trail. The laws say you can ride on approved government land but they don't have much in this area.


I don't see a problem with leaving it opened. I don't think people are really that foolish to vandalize the MetroParks parks in Ohio...

If people really wanted to vandalize those parks, a gate will not do anything to prevent that.

Erie County Resident

Just a question for the Metro Park board.
If these places are patrolled then why not close the gates during this time instead of making a special trip?
I know ... WOW that makes sense.
I'd also like to see the open up ATV/APV trails.
Not all of us like to chase a frisbee around a pretend golf course.

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