Sales tax revenue boosts projects

Commissioners dole out $7.2M to bolster county operations
Andy Ouriel
Mar 31, 2014


Erie County commissioners approved their budget — but not before pinpointing where an extra $7.2 million in extra sales tax money would be spent:

•$1.5 million: pay off existing debt, totaling $93 million entering 2014. Commissioners originally proposed they spend about $3 million to pay off existing debt. Pat Shenigo supports this while Tom Ferrell and Bill Monaghan oppose it.

•$600,000: various renovations at the Erie County Common Pleas Courthouse.

•$600,000: upgrade heating, cooling and ventilation systems at Erie County Services Center.

•$400,000: resurface drives and parking lots at services center and Erie County jail.

•$300,000: set aside in a contingency account to pay for any unexpected increases in costs, such as health care.

•$200,000: given to Erie County Board of Elections to help department save up for new elections equipment, totaling $700,000, required by 2017.

•$185,000: install video detection equipment in sheriff cruisers.

•$120,000: purchase six new county vehicles.

•$112,000: various upgrades for jail security and safety.

•$55,000: various interior and exterior work at Erie County Office Building.

•$55,000: backup generators for computers at services center and office building.

•$47,000: remodel clerk of courts office in courthouse.

•$40,000: pave adult probation office parking lot.

•$30,000: advertise for projects.

•$29,000: various sidewalk replacements.

•$16,000: repair elevator at courthouse.

•$13,000: paint second floor at services center. 

•$10,000: install window blinds at office building.

•$10,000: enhance card/key systems at service center.

•$8,100: place mechanical lifts on facility department trucks.

•$6,500: improve signage at services center.

•$5,500: improve signage at jail.

The above amount reserved for specific projects totals about $4.3 million.

The remaining, unassigned $2.9 million will be earmarked for specific projects later this year.


Ralph J.

How much money does Erie County get from the Kelley Island ferry? I recall reading that Erie County has 51% ownership. I believe that I read that in the Sandusky Register.


Sounds like all the extra money is going for improvements for county workers.How about the rest of us?You know,the one's who pay the tax increase.