Officials, Meadows employees yet to reach agreement

“We’re still working on it,” Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 23, 2014


Despite solving one union issue, Erie County officials continue to struggle with another.

No resolution is in sight to settle a bargaining issue between administrators and union representatives negotiating for 65 workers employed at The Meadows at Osborn Park.

“We’re still working on it,” Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said. In short, union representatives want to maintain or increase benefits and pay packages for nursing home employees in a new contract. 

Case in point: Employees want three separate pay bumps, one for each year, in a new three-year contract. The raises would collectively cost county taxpayers $118,000 during this time. Officials, however, contend the union’s proposal isn’t feasible, considering the nursing home’s ailing finances.

The nursing home has collectively lost about $4 million in year-over-year deficits dating back to 2002, according to county data. It is unknown when a new agreement could be reached.

To avoid a potential walkout of employees, commissioners and union representatives must strike a deal soon.



Give them the same 1.5% that the other county employees received.


Sell it.


Sell it or close it.


Never figured out why the county has bought into a nursing home to begin with...These people are county workers and should be paid just like all other county employees,,,Plan an simple


The commissioners are too ignorant to dump that crap hole off!

Stop It

They are the ones who wanted a bonus for just showing up for their shift.


Sell it.