A new deal

County, JFS union finalize 3-year contract
Andy Ouriel
Mar 23, 2014


Erie County administrators and union personnel representing about 70 workers in the job and family services department just finalized a new three-year contract.

Here are the deal’s details, according to contract data the Register obtained through a public records request:

•Raises: All union employees must receive a 1.5 percent raise in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Effectively, they’re slated to obtain three separate pay bumps during the contract’s length.

•Taxpayer fallout: The raises collectively total about $130,200 for the three-year contract.

•Benefits achieved: Union representatives also secured a $200 one-time bonus for each employee.

•Benefits conceded: Union representatives agreed to reduce employee personal paid time off from 40 hours each year to 32 hours, decrease employee paid time on union business from four hours each month to three hours and cancel one of two monthly labor-management meetings.

“We were glad that the union agreed to bring its benefits package more in line with the other employee unions within the county,” Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said.



Hard to believe the county commissioners will approve a 1.5% raise for 70 JFS employees but won't agree to a 10 cent an hour raise for 65 employees at the county nursing facility. Maybe the commissioners will agree to a more expensive 1.5% raise that other county employees received for those 65 employees instead!


Considering the stellar record of JFS there should have been no raise. And close or sell the care facility.

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The Hero Zone

Asked neutrally: Against whom does a public union bargain?

Stop It

In this case, just as the article states, IE; Erie County administrators.

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The Hero Zone

Well the bit of a lead-in is that unions like the UAW bargain against a private company for a portion of its earned income. The company is a private industry that makes its own money and is something society can continue on without if there was a strike. But in this case isn't the union bargaining against the residents (represented through the Commissioners) and their money as if the county is an evil megacorp who wishes to oppress its employees and whose only form of revenue is by taxing people?

What's the point? If I remember wasn't FDR even against public unions? My questions are more intended to explore than rail against unions (that's another discussion for we peanuts in the gallery to toss around). It just seems...weird. Or in some way, I dunno, inappropriate?

Do you or anyone else have some more insight into this? What's the point, the purpose? Again I don't want to talk about pro/anti-union, but the nature of public unions as they exist.