Commissioners select Monaghan as board president

The three Erie County commissioners selected commissioner Bill Monaghan to once again serve as the board’s president.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 15, 2014


This is Monaghan’s sixth year as president. The primary responsibility of the commission president is to set discussion topics for public meetings and serve on designated committees and boards.

“I think we have a good team for Erie County” Monaghan said. “We have lowered the cost of government without lowering the quality of the serves our residents deserve and need. They should expect us to do even better in 2014”

Commissioners also appointed commissioner Pat Shenigo to serve as vice president. The other commissioner is Tom Ferrell.



It must not come with any increase in salary. Otherwise a Ferrell would be appointed to it.

Julie R.

Isn't Bill Monaghan Kevin Baxter's brother-in-law?


CONGRATS Bill ! Keep up the good work.