Pamela Ferrell appointed Erie Co. treasurer

Erie County’s Democratic Party Central Committee unanimously appointed Pamela Ferrell as Erie County treasurer during a special meeting Sunday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 13, 2014


Ferrell has been employed in the Erie County Auditor’s Office for 17 years.

As treasurer she will interact with the county’s elected officials and their offices to address budget issues, delinquent taxes and collections. Tax bills are scheduled to be mailed next week.

Ferrell will be sworn into office Monday by Erie County Common Pleas Judge Beverly McGookey.


Julie R.

It says that Ferrell has been employed in the Erie County's Auditor's office for 17 years. (?)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Pam Ferrell the one that the former Erie County auditor, Tom Paul, hired immediately after he took office after FIRST unjustly firing another employee in that office? If so, that sure wasn't 17 years ago. Didn't Paul also give Ferrell a substantial amount more money than the former employee had been receiving? Didn't the fired employee file a lawsuit against Erie County and it was settled out of court? Didn't the new auditor, Rick Jeffrey, then fire Pam Ferrell after he took office a few years ago?

Isn't Pam Ferrell the wife of long-time Erie County commissioner Tom Ferrell?

Kind of ironic that this story comes out right after the story about Sandusky County law enforcement and their unfair hiring of family and friends.

It's also easy to see now why the treasurer Jo Dee Fantozz waited until she was elected again before turning in her resignation. Can we say HAND-PICKED by the county public officials here or what?


Every time I think I couldn't be more disgusted by the actions of public officials, I end up proven to be wrong...


You are absolutely correct, and the beat goes on. This whole community is related to everyone. It is one big happy Democratic family. You have got to love those political games everyone plays.


Long time Democrat voter here. I'm really disappointed in this cronyism and look forward to a primary choice or a good opponent in the general election.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Thank you for saying that. I find it odd how a political party (this case the Democratic, though I'd also gripe in a Republican situation) gets to choose who they want for a public office instead of finding the best person for the job overall.

Did I miss a Mail Bag question on why this is allowed?

Even if it turned out to be the same person with an open search/application process, now unfortunately the taint and questions of political affiliation, seniority, deals, or all other manner of party-first-public-second decisions get thrown into the mix.

Julie R.

It says that Ferrell will be sworn into office on Monday by Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Beverly McGookey .........

I've asked this question before but allow me to ask it again:

Beverly McGookey, who has been the Erie County Probate Court Judge since 2000 or 2001, never ran for Common Pleas Court Judge, so how did she get the title of Common Pleas Court Judge when that's an ELECTED position?


So how can her boss be her husband? Isn't that a conflict of interest???


Wow, how disgusting is this??