Garbage hauler trashes proposal

Local officials want to consolidate waste pickup under one provider.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 12, 2014


A local hauler trashed a proposal by local government officials who want only one refuse company to pick up trash, recyclables and yard waste in residential areas across Erie County.

“For our business and local haulers, it’s a bad thing,” said Duke Fultz, president of Clyde-based FSI Disposal, who labeled the public proposal as a monopoly on trash collection. “It will narrow competition and eliminate all the other haulers in the county as far as residential goes”

The rubbish ruckus started in late November, when officials solicited prices from companies interested in collecting curbside recycling along with trash and yard waste.    

Under the proposal, one hauler would pick up these materials in residential areas — houses, apartments, condominiums and home associations — fully situated in Erie County. This would, for instance, exclude the city of Vermilion but include Vermilion Township.

Officials contend a one-hauler system could:

• Provide more opportunities for people to recycle.

• Drive down the average quarterly price for trash removal, from $66 every three months to above $35.

• Streamline trash pickup services, including scooping all of a particular neighborhood’s trash and recyclables on one day.

“With this, you are not going to have trash on the streets of Erie County like there is now for possibly six or seven days a week,” Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said.

Shenigo, who oversees Erie County’s solid waste district, reiterated no one has implemented a one-hauler system. The district handles public recycling and other related services.

“I’m not saying we are going to do this” said Shenigo, who oversees area solid waste operations. “There has been absolutely no decision made one way or another as to whether we will move forward with a one-hauler system. We are just dipping our toes in the water to see if we can save Erie County residents some money and create a cleaner community”

On Monday, solid waste district coordinator Lisa Beursken plans on attending a Sandusky city commission meeting to ask elected officials for their support on this proposal.

Haulers, including Fultz, are welcome to come and speak.

Fultz could bring up a ceaseand-desist letter he sent to county officials. He’s upset because the county’s proposal has an option to include Huron’s trash and recycling in its plan. FSI Disposal exclusively serves Huron after signing a multi-year pact with city officials through 2016.

“FSI has had a written agreement in place with the city of Huron for such services, which does not expire for several years,” according to the letter the Register obtained through a public records request.

County officials said they understand that Huron would not be a part of this potential program until after their contract with FSI expires.



One hauler makes for a monopoly of business. Not being able to bid the hauling out will lead to higher prices.


The same way the city allows Buckeye Cable to have a monopoly. It's a free country, we should be able to choose our cable provider and trash hauler.


No, No, NO! Did the county commissioners even talk with the other elected officials before putting this out for bid? It's typical of the way they've been trying to steam roll over them. I'm against it. More government bureaucracy trying to tell us what to do. Did the aggregation of the natural gas and electricity that they instituted several years ago actually save us money? I'm not convinced that it did. Maybe the SR could do a comparison on that.


If it lowers the homeowner's cost I say go for it. Cable companies are living on borrowed time.


Lower costs? The same way Obama care was going to make health care more affordable? We see how that's working, insurance costs are going through the roof!


“With this, you are not going to have trash on the streets of Erie County like there is now for possibly six or seven days a week,” Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said.

Strange that I consider the rubbish on the curb more appealing than the government itself! Why not just do what your hired to do Shinego and keep out of who I contract to haul my rubbish.

dorothy gale

No monopoly! I am happy with the service and the rates of my current hauler. How many people will be put out of work if this passes? And if there is one trash day a week for the entire city, how soon before it gets backed up due to under-staffing, or crappy service because they are in a rush to get the entire city collected in one day? If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it!


While your at it why not "consolidate" our food choices, make it so we can only get a burger at 1 place and only get pizza from 1 pizza joint, then make it so we can only get fuel for our vehicles from 1 gas station, make it so we all have to wear the same clothes the same shoes, can only buy 1 type of car, and the same cell phone and cell provider? How much longer before we have NO rights? How about letting us CITIZENS, make our own choices in life, I was taught that this is a FREE country all through school. But is it?


Here we go again. Man I swear every time a new City Commission is elected the con-jobs begin. Didn't Sandusky go through this a few years back and it was a big fight.


Give the mobsters life and wipe them out, just to do the same thing they did! I love our country but its turning into a joke!!


On a different note the city better do something by weds because if FSI does not pick my trash up that's been setting for almost 3weeks Im going to set it out in the middle of the street and maybe the commissioner can have someone pick it up!


Having only one trash hauler for the county is a horrible idea! It would take away any incentive for the designated hauler to provide quality service, and leave residents no remedy if we are unsatisfied.

I had to call FSI repeatedly last year because my recycling wasn't being picked up. Their office personnel weren't helpful and gave the impression that they just didn't care. As a result, I switched to a different hauler, one based in Sandusky. I'd hate to think that if this proposal goes through, I might be forced to deal again with FSI's poor service. I'd rather pay more to have a reliable trash hauler of my choice than to get a bargain price which may come with inferior performance.

dorothy gale

Thank you, Irish Eyes! I switched from FSI for the same reason, and because the lazy bass turds broke my trash can by hurling it onto the street after they emptied it.


Suuuuure, a single hauler is WAY cheaper! A single hauler is WAY more efficient. Until, of course, they're not. And then you've nowhere else to go!

Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather be able to fire somebody giving bad service than to be robbed of any choice at all!