Erie County treasurer resigns

Last day is December 15.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 6, 2013

Erie County Treasurer Jo Dee Fantozz submitted her resignation today to county commissioners.

Her retirement date is December 15. 

It is not known at this time if an election will occur to replace her or who's serving in an interim role.

Check back for updates and pick up Friday's Sandusky Register for more information



Will there be an audit?


What is this all about? She just got elected back in.


Personal reasons maybe?


possibly she wants to retire.

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A Young Adult's...

If she just wanted to retire, why run again in the last election? Something smells here.



Darwin's choice

How can you smell anything with your head up Obama's but?

Fool! I'll bet you had the same stupid comment about Barbara Johnson too!


It's "butt" clown! LOL! I knew the story about Ms. Johnson!


maybe she found out she's ill. you are overly suspicious and thinking the worst of people. take a look at yourself.

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Who are you to tell me that? I'm not overly suspicious and it's not like I said anything negative about her. You are extremely sensitive.


I am a sensitive person and an objective person. I don't suspect something to be fishy right off the bat without some evidence. You did say something negative; that the situation smells.


It does smell but that is because the way she handled it. When elected officials suddenly quit it raises eyebrows. Human nature is what it is. He did not suggest she did anything wrong but we know there is corruption down there. Relax, it's just a comment!


Taxpayers are right to ask. Elections cost money, and if she ran for re-election intending to then step down then taxpayers got ripped off. It's a fairly common practice when an office holder's party can't field a strong replacement candidate when a member of the office holder's party will be in a position to appoint a replacement.


It is certainly odd, isn't it? Agreed, young adult.


It is for personal health reasons and nothing more, and now she is on oxygen and has to carry a tank with her, gotten to be to much. I wish her well with my thoughts and prayers and appreciate everything she has done for us !

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Correct, and Thank You!


She ran in November 2012. A lot can change in a year.


Will await further news.

In nearby Ottawa County, Ohio there was a county treasurer who retired and came right back to work to double dip.

Define "retire" in corrupt Ohio.

Julie R.

Maybe she's following suit with her good ole' buddy, Kevin Baxter.

dorothy gale

I work with several people who are "double-dipping."


Well Centauri qualified help is hard to find. (i roll)

Julie R.

Qualified help sure IS hard to find in corrupt Eeerie County!


they recently posted a supervisory position for her office and I know since they have an HR dept in the county now they screen out all applicants before allowing an interview. I disagree with that process and maybe she did too. The elected official should be able to go through the applications and pick who he/she wants to interview.

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I have no problem with screening applicants. Separation of duties is always necessary.

God Of Thunder

Atta girl Julie...You never disappoint


Why does Fantozz need an attorney to hand in her resume if she is resigning for health reasons? Shouldn't her attendance record be a matter of public record for some kind of verification of illness? Nemissis is right in looking for a replacement right after she got elected in. It is an old political game. Could this practice be called falsification of an election knowing you are going to step down after being elected just to hold a seat open for a particular party? It is not fair to the people who had faith in her to vote her into office again. It is unfair for someone to be appointed only to try the job out and then have a foot in the door already to the job.

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Really? Do you have the same jackwagon attitude about Obama? There is something to be worried about!


Heard there is a health issue.


thought so. the others think she's up to no good. deceitful and suspicious minds.