Municipal court begins collecting fees online

Welcome to the 21st century, Erie County Municipal Court.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 2, 2013
The Mason Road West courthouse recently debuted an online pay system, allowing violators to settle their traffic citations and other tickets virtually.

By logging onto , visitors can enter personal and payment information to clear a debt.

The new system is convenient for court employees processing information and for violators, who can pay a ticket without visiting the courthouse during regular business hours.

“It’s been working out beautifully,” Erie County Municipal Court Judge Paul Lux said. “It’s one of those things I considered a priority because a lot of people were asking for it”

Lux also plans to debut other technological features for municipal court operations in the near future, including:

• Placing an extensive court record database online, so people can search case histories.

The system would only show citations or tickets given out by the Erie County Municipal Court. It would work similar to Sandusky Municipal Court’s online database. It’s unknown when the system will roll out, or how much it will cost.

• Telecasting arraignments, or initial plea hearings, for inmates unable to post bond following an arrest.

The video feed would transmit a signal from the Erie County jail, where the inmate stays, to the courthouse, where Lux would inform the arrested person of his or her charges.

The video teleconferencing — the cost of the program wasn’t available — would improve safety while also saving money.

Telecasts can cut down on inmate transports, keeping local law enforcers from escorting someone from jail to the court and then back. It also frees up a police officer or deputy for other duties, such as patrolling roads.

Lux said the telecasting system could launch before the end of the year.



It is about time. A lot of money and time can be saved when investing in technology.


This courthouse is on the Ohio Turnpikes region. People from all over the United States traveling through that get tickets can now pay their waiver online. I think it's a great idea!