Drunken teen resorts to ruckus

Boy kicked, spit, swore and caused general mayhem at Kalahari
May 30, 2014


A pair of underage drinkers caused a ruckus at Kalahari Resorts early Thursday morning, after their drunken banter escalated into a physical confrontation with officers.

At about 1:15 a.m., Erie County deputies responded to the resort, where resort security officers brought them a boy, 17, of Toledo, who was visibly intoxicated and combative, according to an Erie County deputy's report.

The boy refused to cooperate with deputies and swore and spit at them, according to the report. 

As deputies handcuffed the boy and escorted him to their cruiser, a plastic bag containing suspected marijuana fell out of his pocket. The boy then tried to kick deputies, as well as their cruiser, and remained uncooperative. They called Huron paramedics, who transported him to the hospital because he was so intoxicated. 

Deputies charged the boy with underage consumption, persistent disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana and delinquent juvenile. He had a blood-alcohol content of 0.257 percent.

A friend told deputies the boy and Billy Holman, 18, of Sylvania, were staying the night with a group of friends and had been drunkenly arguing most of the evening, according to the report.

Deputies charged Holman with underage consumption. He refused a breathalyzer test, but smelled strongly of alcohol.


Stop It

Will Kalahari Resorts be the next DJs/Genos?

They don't even have to live around here.


Tired Of The Bull

I don't think "Billy from Sylvania" was going to Dj's lol


Something is always happening there, and that place is supposed to be one of the 'finer' things around here.


Kalahari is a joke and just a place to flush your money down the water slide.


Where do these kids get that kind of money to be able to stay there??? At that age all my money went to my car payment, insurance, gas and IF there was anything left over it was not enough for a $300 @ night hotel room. Let alone beer, booze and weed!


Excellent question!