Deputies investigate alleged rape at water park

Deputies: Girl, 17, accuses man, 19, of raping her
Courtney Astolfi
May 28, 2014

A teenage girl told investigators she was raped Memorial Day weekend by a fellow Kalahari Resorts guest.

The 17-year-old Michigan girl was visiting Kalahari over the long weekend with a group of friends when the alleged incident occurred, Erie County Detective Dennis Papineau said.

She and two friends were wandering around the resort Friday when they bumped into a group of three teenage men they did not know. The groups encountered each other a few times that day and walked around together before exchanging numbers and parting ways.

Eventually, the two groups met up in the resort's lobby and went back to a room to hook up, Papineau said.

There, the girl's two friends began having sex with two of the men.

It was then the third teen allegedly forced himself on the girl.

“She said she was taken down to the ground and forced into sexual conduct with the male. She said she was saying things like 'stop' and 'I don't want to do this,'” Papineau said.

The girl went on to say no one heard her pleas, though her friend was on the bed right above her, Papineau said.

The girl alerted school authorities to the assault after she returned home Tuesday, and her mother drove her to the Erie County Sheriff's Office later that day for an interview.

The group only knew the girl's alleged rapist by his nickname, “G," although Papineau said he was able to contact the man through the cell phone number he'd given the girl.

During that conversation, the teen contended the act was consensual, Papineau said.

Investigators are now awaiting results from a sexual assault kit and are working to obtain video surveillance from Kalahari, Papineau said.

Additionally, Papineau is in the process of collecting phone records to review communications prior to the alleged assault. 





What is a 17 year old girl doing at a waterpark with friends over night? Maybe her mom should have driven her to the waterpark to supervise. Just sayin'!


You got that right!!!


So she went back home, didn't tell her mother, waiting instead to tell school authorities? I agree with clementine, who allows their 17 year old to go stay in a hotel resort with other teens unattended? The story says it was 2 groups of teens that "hooked up". No way in hell my 17 year old would go on a 3 day holiday weekend out of state with other teenagers with out an adult. Do other parents/adults not see the news or read the papers?


I agree 100%


So she has slutty, easy friends and the one dude thought she was "guilty by association." What parent lets their teens go to a resort for 3 days like this? Its a problem waiting to happen. She should also find better friends if she doesnt want to be perceived like them. If she didnt want to do it, why did she go back to their hotel room? That is a huge red flag and also asking for bad things to happen.

William Jeffers...

Agree with Clem & Lady - but the strangest part is her friend was right on the bed above her...within FEET of the incident but did not hear her ????? Also, if you meet anyone nicknamed "G"...RUN!


Her friend was in ecstasy and caught up in the moment of having sex for the fourth or fifth time in her life. I am sure her parents are very proud of her.

There you go again

What? Another police incident at Kalahari? I knew before I read the article where the incident occurred.

From the Grave

Maybe they should shut down the Kalahari just like they shut down the old DJs sports bar. It's only a matter of time before Kalahari has a riot or a shooting. But then, all the bad element will just move onto the other water parks...


The culture of victim blaming has to stop. It’s not about women stopping an attack. It’s about men learning that they never had the right to begin one. This is not the fault of this girl or her parents. You can’t blame sexual assaults on clothing, flirting, binge drinking or parties. Even when you take all that away, there are still smart, clean-cut, young men who think they have a right to women’s bodies. By blaming the victims these men will never be held accountable.


How can you be so sure that the victim isn't the 19 yr old? The girl readily admitted no one heard her tell the boy to stop despite her friends being within a couple feet from her. If you are being raped are you gonna whisper stop? Seems to me that you believe the man is always in the wrong and the women never lie. According to an investigative report done by US News the rate of false allegations of rape is as high as 41%.


So "Mum-of-one" you would allow YOUR 17 year old to go away for the weekend with other teenagers without adult chaperons? This is not about blaming, this is about SMART DECISIONS. This is about parenting. The parent made a bad choice, the teens made a bad choice. THIS time could have been prevented.


I don't see in the article where the parents KNEW this is where their child was. Maybe she was "supposed" to be at a friend's house for the weekend...and the same friend was "supposed" to be at her house. Never played that trick? My, my...what a perfect human being we are.


Honestly no, I never played that tricked. I was scared to death of getting caught. My mom was one of those that knew everyone and was known to check to see where I was. And I would NEVER have tried to sneak out of the STATE a couple hours away! No I was not a perfect teenager, but I would never have pulled a stunt such as you are spinning.



Mother of Two

I agree with you Mum-of-One !! This is why so many people are afraid to tell when something like this happens, because the victim is always the one to blame.


who paid for Kalahari? you cant check in without a credit card. I am jealous. the cost of staying at Kalahari for a holiday weekend is pretty steep when I was 17 making my car payment took all my money.


No means no. If the girl's story is true, the boy is, indeed, guilty of sexual assault. But...

These girls admittedly talked with the boys several times throughout the course of the day, and apparently got along with them well enough to exchange contact information. These girls admittedly went to a room with these boys with the express intent of "hooking up." So what happened? Surprise, surprise, surprise...

What, was the girl disappointed with the boy left for her? Would the story be different if it was another of the boys? If what the girl says is true, yes, a crime was committed. But if so, it's got to be one of the most singularly PREVENTABLE crimes I've ever heard of! I sympathize with her to some degree, but when the more hard-hearted suggest that "she asked for it!" this girl kind of did...

thinkagain's picture

“What, was the girl disappointed with the boy left for her?”

WoW! How disgusting.

Don’t ever call anyone else judgmental, you and ain’t no Ladydye are two of the biggest hypocrites on this site.

No means no.


Wow, male privilege and culture of rape raises its ugly head. Majority here must believe adult males are mentally primitive and therefore unable to control their sexual urges much like dogs that 17 year old girls can not expect that these males are capable of understanding the word NO.

Or is it that the community simply does not want to come to grips with the rape culture and sex industry that exists in vacationland for fear it will negatively impact tourism.


Regarding males being "mentally primitive": people think that way and re-enforce that idea with comments along those lines all the time. Females are sometimes just as responsible by treating males like a "piece of meat" if you will and objectifying them.

Yes men do it just as much too, it is not a one way street.


All those poor males are debased and objectified in pornography and trafficked in the sex industry by powerful women who have their way with them. That's sarcasm in case you missed it.

I'm not the one arguing that males are so primitive that we as a society should excuse their sexual assaults because they can't help themselves. That's the attitude of most of the posters here who appear to believe females "ask for it" and males should not be expected to control themselves.

Little Giant

Maybe she felt like she felt too classy to have sex in the same room as two other couples? My bet is this girl had a bout of "jungle fever" and had second thoughts on the ride home.


maybe it's the expectation on the male side that if the girl is in the same room with her friends, she is willing to act like they are and do not believe her 'no' for an answer. she did not have to go back to the room and could have called security to get rid of him.

with examples like miley cyrus, girls think they can act like her, but not actually do the deed. the culture on tv and movies glorifies the one-night stand.

Stop It

Really? When does 'I don't want to have sex with you' turn into 'Yes you do, you just don't know it yet'...?


does the phrase 'actions speak louder than words' ring a bell?

Stop It

Not when it comes to inserting body parts into another body.