Man remains in hospital after crash

He attempted to avoid a deer and went off the right side of the road, crashing the motorcycle
Sandusky Register Staff
May 26, 2014


Mark Branham, 48, Milan, remains in the University Medical College in Toledo after a motorcycle crash Saturday night. His medical condition was unavailable.

Branham told Erie County Sheriff deputies he was driving his 2003 Harley Davidson on Ohio 113 West near Schug Road when he saw a deer in the roadway. Branham attempted to avoid the deer and went off the right side of the road, crashing the motorcycle. Branham admitted to deputies that he had consumed five beers before getting on the motorcycle. Hospital staff drew blood and took a urine specimen.

Charges pending his release from the hospital are failure to control, expired registration, no motorcycle endorsement and operating a motorcycle while intoxicated.


From the Grave

What f@*%ing deer...


He thought it was a deer!? Another intoxicated motorcyclist..... Plenty more deer this week!


I have been riding 40 yrs, never a crash. Hit the damn deer and don't drink and ride dumbass.

Perkins Resident

Needless to say, I and many others I know will be hibernating starting this weekend. I hope there will be no others like this but too many times I've seen folks fallen down drunk at local watering holes get on their bikes and ride away. Don't want no part of what's to come.

Stop It

Why do fake bikers have to rev their engines at a stop just to hear the pipes?

Because they're fake bikers.

Ben Crazy

same reason stupid poeple post dumb $ h-t !
To see what response they get .