Motorcycle crash sends 2 to hospital

A crash involving two motorcycles sent two people to Fisher-Titus Medical Center Sunday afternoon.
Melissa Topey
May 26, 2014


Erie County Sheriff’s deputies cited Andrew Vanderpool, 36, of Plymouth for failure to control after he crashed his motorcycle in the curve at the hill on Ohio 113 and Huber Road, said Erie County Sheriff deputy Justin Smith.

“I think they weren’t familiar with the road,” Smith said. “They said they were going 45. If you are not familiar with that stretch of road that is too fast. They are pretty fortunate it was not worse”

Vanderpool was among a group of motorcyclists traveling north on Huber Road to the waters of Sandusky after meeting up in New Haven, Ohio.

Vanderpool slid into the guardrail.

Nathan Barnett laid down his Yamaha 600 to avoid running over or hitting Vanderpool. Barnett, who had taken off his helmet about 10 minutes earlier, suffered head injuries.

Both men came to a stop on top of one another.

Employees at the hospital Sunday evening said they had no information for either man.

Andrew Vanderpool’s brother Curt Snavely was in the group.

He said his heart fell and his adrenaline surged when he realized there was a crash.

Barnett kept trying to get up and Snavely was trying to keep him calm until help arrived.

The motorcycle enthusiasts loaded both motorcycles into the back of a truck and went to check on their friends.


There you go again

This is one of three motorcycle accidents reported on the 1st page of the Sandusky Register. Hmmm...


Dumbasses, you guys give motorcycle riders a bad name.

From the Grave

I'm not the biggest fan of motorcycles in general, but I totally agree with that!




just can't wait for bike week


You can't wait for Bike Week for what? Because there will be more accidents?

YOU ARE A FOWL HUMAN BEING if that is what you think bondgirlm. I pray that is not what you mean.