Deputy quits amid snoop probe

Sandusky police handling investigation
Courtney Astolfi
May 21, 2014


An Erie County deputy assigned to Job and Family Services quit last week after his supervisors learned he allegedly accessed Ohio’s crime database to snoop on social workers and others.

Adam Klepper, a road deputy of about nine years, tendered his resignation Friday afternoon when confronted with the allegations.

The alleged misconduct is not only against the sheriff’s office’s rules, but also a felony offense, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman is now handling the criminal investigation, both to avoid a conflict of interest and because Klepper allegedly accessed the information in Sandusky, at the Erie County Job and Family Services facility on West Parish Street, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said.    The Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway, known as OHLEG, is a database teeming with sensitive information: old and current driver’s license photos, addresses, social security numbers and extensive criminal records, just to name a few.

While Ohio law enforcement officers have access to OHLEG for official purposes, they are strictly prohibited from running anyone’s name through the database for personal reasons, Orzech said.

But at this point, it appears that’s what Klepper allegedly did.

In a preliminary audit Tuesday of Klepper’s OHLEG account, Wichman found at least six names Klepper accessed, Orzech said. More names could come to light as the investigation wears on.

Of at least six names investigators are already aware of, some were Job and Family Services employees he worked alongside every day, Orzech said.

“It’s safe to say there were six or more people that he ran” Orzech said. “It could blossom into a whole bunch more, but we don’t have the exact count yet”

Sigsworth said he learned of the alleged offense Thursday afternoon, and he placed Klepper on administrative leave later that day.

At a pre-disciplinary meeting Friday with Klepper and his union representative, Klepper quit. He had worked at the Erie County Job and Family Services post for about a year, Sigsworth said.

This incident is not the first where Klepper allegedly acted out of line.

He was warned in October for meddling in Job and Family Services affairs after he argued with a social worker he mistakenly suspected was talking about him, Sigsworth said.

In early 2011, Klepper was disciplined for not responding to a car-versus-deer collision on Ohio 113.

In 2010, Klepper, a former DARE officer, was tagged in Facebook photos where several teens appeared to be drinking beer.



So will the people he illegally looked up be notified? Why was he doing this?


At least he did the right thing and quit, and didn't drag this out and deny allegations.

Good 2 B Me

Another Corrupt Cop in Erie County? No Way!! (Sarcasm)

Einfach genug III

I guess one day we will realize the cops, firemen, teachers & flimsy working at DJFS are no different than most folks in the community. Now politicians & Lawyers, they are something else, can't say what I think, but pond scum is a kind description.......


Sounds like Daddy Tim was hoodwinked by his own son !


Sounds like he was sticking up for his son, the way ANY parent would do. He did a fantastic job as a DARE officer. This sounds like petty stuff compared to some things other"police officers" do.

Steve P

Will the Register do a public records request for his personnel records and all reports on this incident as they would if it involved Sandusky, Huron or Ottawa Counties or just accept the information that they were given?


Hes been doing this... when u walk in he would single out certain ppl n ask for ur id to run ur name to see if u got a warrant out for ur arrest..


I was told that he pulled a really old picture, out of a really old database, and that there is somebody in that office that doesnt like Mr. Klepper took offense of it and turned him in. Pretty sorry for somebody to do to ruin a mans family. And we all know that if somebody has some kind of cop family or friend out there running data on somebodys daughters new boyfriend.!!

Darwin's choice

Yeah, because there's no one there who would be irresponsible (balconi/ghezzi), or fail to keep some kids alive...

Probably should let him back in to keep JFS employees in line....




Personally, I am glad to see that the ECSO holds its personnel to a higher standard than some of our neighbors...

Steve P

It only took three major infractions to force him to resign, were their a public records request by the Register for his personal files and reports relating to all incidents, if he was in a neighboring county there would have been.


These are all incidents that made the paper...




He no right to snoop , who knows what people he ran and why . It could of been his neighbors or who ever . It was wrong to use his position to this !! And Ventra he did it to himself he knew the rules of his job when he took it..


Did he work at Ventra too???


No he didn't work at Ventra. And blue flower do you honestly think that he was the only cop to do something like this...this person had a vendetta against klepper so that is why he turned him in.


Wow Ventra you must know him pretty well , but this isn't his only infraction. Sounds like he has been messing up I guess the deer had a vendetta against him for not answering that call too.


KaRmA is a B$#&*!!!!!


He did a great job as the DARE officer when he taught it to our 5th graders. Sad....