Man, 42, kicks his pregnant wife in stomach

The woman also told deputies Hinant recently threatened to kill her because she was pregnant.
Courtney Astolfi
May 14, 2014


A Milan Township man was jailed Monday after he repeatedly kicked his pregnant wife’s stomach and shattered a glass ashtray over her head, deputies said. James Hinant, 42, of the 2700 block of Alpine Trail, was charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

Paramedics rushed to Hinant’s home at about 8 p.m. Monday after one of his friends asked a neighbor to dial 911, citing the woman’s severe head injury, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

There, they found Hinant’s wife with a large bleeding gash across the crown of her head, with blood running down her neck and chest.

The woman said she’d just arrived home from work when she found Hinant drinking in their garage with a few friends.    When she went to speak with him, Hinant began calling her names and yelling. Despite her attempts to calm him down, Hinant grabbed a chair and hit her with it, the report said.

He then shoved her up against the wall and began choking her, the report said. Eventually, one of Hinant’s friends intervened and pulled him off of her.

But the assault continued, according to deputies. Inside, Hinant and his wife began talking about her pregnancy, as the woman was several weeks along, the report said.

Angered by the pregnancy talk, Hinant allegedly shoved her onto their couch and repeatedly punched her head and face. He then kicked her stomach over and over, the report said.

“(The woman) believed James was kicking her in the stomach in attempts to terminate the pregnancy,” the report stated. The woman also told deputies Hinant recently threatened to kill her because she was pregnant.

Even then, Hinant wasn’t through with the alleged attack. As his wife was still on the couch, Hinant allegedly grabbed a large glass ashtray and smashed it over her head.

“It appeared that (the woman) was struck by the ashtray with such force that the glass was in powder form on the cushion where (the woman’s) head would have been,” the deputy wrote in his report.

Hinant denied attacking his wife. He said the woman threw the ashtray at him — although his story changed halfway through the deputy’s interview, the report said.

Confronted with the fact there was no broken glass near the area he was sitting, Hinant said the woman must have moved the shards to align with her side of the story. Deputies also tried to interview the other people who were present at the scene, but they were “less than cooperative” the report said.

The neighbor who originally dialed 911 said she heard the couple screaming just prior to a man asking her to call police because “he smashed an ashtray over her head” the report said.

Hinant was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail. He is being held without bond until his arraignment today.

The woman refused medical treatment at the scene, despite deputies’ insistence.


Einfach genug III

Okay, what is she still doing with him after he previously threaten to kill her?


Many victims of abuse stay with the abuser. I don't get it either. I hope she stays away but I imagine he will sober up, apologize and they will stay together.


What is more troubling is why we as a society ask “Why does she stay?” instead of asking the more appropriate question “Why does he choose to abuse her?” Isn’t it time that we place the blame for an abusive relationship not on the victim, but on the abuser?

Einfach genug III

Take away his oxygen and let him gasp like a fish out of water and maybe the message will get through to him about his irresponsible behavior and hey if he didn't want her pregnant then why did he "seal the deal"?


Thinking the same thing. Take off his oxygen.


Why would she refuse medical treatment after all of this? This guy is a complete piece of crap.


Commenter, I was thinking the same thing....she should've seen a dr.! This guy is a real great father figure!!

Good 2 B Me

"Eventually, one of Hinant’s friends intervened and pulled him off of her."


These guys ought to be throw in jail for not stopping him. What in the world is wrong with people.


..."EVENTUALLY"...?? ..."UNCOOPERATIVE"?? mmmm, fellas, may YOUR DAUGHTERS never be in a situation like this with her life depending on "friends" like you...

...and to this woman...there are plenty of people who can make the reach and understand WHY you're still there, even if we can't agree with that decision. Beating you up in the newspapers won't help you in any way.

What WILL help you is to confront the reality that you could have been killed; that NEXT time you might die; that THIS is the next time he promised would never happen. Stop believing THOSE lies and believe the TRUTH this man is telling you - he doesn't value your life, he WILL try to end it, and then he will lie about how it was your fault. IF YOU STAY, in a sick twisted way, it WILL be. You have no idea how I cringe to say those words but it's something you need to hear if you want to live.


Oh yea, take off his oxygen and also kick him where it would hurt the most. She needs to get help, not only for her but the baby. Otherwise, if the baby makes it, it will also be a front page story


Lady, please listen to the people who are trying to help you. Get away from this sorry excuse of a husband. Think of the child you will be bringing into the world and what kind of father he would be. If he is staying home drinking while you are working, do you plan on leaving the baby with him? Will we soon be reading that another child has been beaten to death? Get help before it is to late.


WTH.....a 42 yr. old has no business fathering a child. Poor kid. He/she will have to grown up with their peers thinking the dad is grandpa!!!


I beg your pardon! I am a 44 year old woman with a 2 year old. The age is irrelevant here!


She's pregnant and he's on oxygen. Why do they have an ashtray??? Sickening.

mimi's word

Oh I am sure we will be paying for this kid in many ways...he is on oxygen and probably not working and yet finds time to have drinks in the afternoon with the fellas...


Relax... a few guys were having a beer after work ....


Why, oh why would you not go to the hospital, not only to get your injuries taken care of, but to see if he did any damage to your fetus? You could have internal injuries from him kicking you in the stomach. Don't be afraid to leave this piece of crap, there are places that will help you.


She refused treatment??? WOW. Is there a small part of her that wants to miscarry? What kind of friends are these people? "Eventually" intervened? "Uncooperative" .....sounds like an awesome place to raise a kid!


I am assuming that most of the people that commented on here do not know either of these people. They live back here where I do and I can tell you that the victim is anything but that. Neither of them are what I would consider good people but I will say that this article is very misleading! I hope that they are finally done with each other so the rest of us back here can have a normal, peaceful life.


If whatever fetus survives, the taxpayers are not done...


BTW the reason the "victim" didn't want any medical assistance is because she was scared they would drug test her. Its hard to feel bad for someone who is so nasty to everyone else.


So just because she can be nasty or you don't like her in your neighborhood, that makes it ok in your mind for her to be kicked/beat while pregnant? The baby deserves to be beaten to death in utero, because the mom has a bad attitude? And if the drug allegation is true, then she needs more help than we all thought she did.

Einfach genug III

I don't see where traul9 ever said she deserved it, seems he is providing additional information that was not in the article and yeah if she is using drugs while pregnant, either terminate the pregnancy or go clean as it is a tough enough would out there and no child deserves being brought to term on drugs.


I hope she will now leave him for good and not bother 'talking to him' anymore.


Safe Harbour...a place for new beginnings. If you are being abused call 419-626-2200. Safe Harbour's mission is to provide families with an alternative to family violence. We offer safety, encouragement and support. Safe Harbour provides shelter, counseling, advocacy, support groups and community awareness education.


Actions speak louder than words [ for both of these people] lots of questions , all answers lead to a poor outcome for the future of the potential child. The baby is just a way to receive entitlements, Dad get a vasectomy, Mom , put any child in this disgusting situation first[adoption] comes to mind. Get your tubes tied, then do whatever you want.


whoever you are Lady dye 5, when did I ever write that I thought it was okay for him to beat her? You must be one of those people that likes to stir stuff up when in reality, there is nothing there. Put it this way, YOU don't live back here or know anything but what you read so Id say I have the upper hand on this subject. Have a good day : )


"I can tell you that the victim is anything but that", your comment made it sound as if you are saying she is NOT a victim. Agreed I do not live back there. I do not know anything of you or your neighbors, but if you are saying she is not a victim, what does that make her? Yes, those of us that read the paper only get one side of the story.


She didn't want to be treated because she is not even pregnant! I know them and she is a psychopath that won't leave! He has been trying to get her out of his home for quite some time and she won't go. It doesn't give him the right to hurt her, but I would bet my life on it that she is lying to the police about being kicked in the stomach. He is a terminally ill man who needs some peace from this crazy woman. By the way, she is not even his wife; they are divorced. Shame on the police for not insisting on her being treated. By the way, if the blow to her head was strong enough to bust the ashtray into powder form, does she have a metal plate in her head? Otherwise, it seems she would have a skull fracture or at least a concussion! This article is very misleading and shameful!

Julie R.

He repeatedly kicked his pregnant wife in the stomach and she refused medical treatment? God pity that poor little baby. I think the Children's Services better be doing something about this right now. They better be getting that baby away from these losers as soon as it's born.


She is not pregnant! She is lying to the police!


Too bad people like this guy can't be legally sterilized. In the long run, society would benefit.


This is hilarious! Ignorance. I remember the last time I believed everything I read in the paper, I also believe everything I see on the internet. What's turly sad is all of you think you know what he deserves cause you know him right ? Cause you know the story right ? No didn't think so let's have people write a story about you and strangers comment the way you are. First off do you know for a fact she's pregnant ? Do the police know? Nope. They are just writing a report about what that extremely mentally I'll woman said. Instead of praying for both of them. Or offering your help you just think this person should die! Who are you to say that about someone ? Why don't you all do yourself a favor stop believing everything you see and stop judging which you do not know the truth. I didn't want to post cause It's not worth my breath with your stupidity.

But this man was my step father, I have not spoken to him in years. I know he is terminally ill. But this man you see in the picture is not the man I once knew. He was one of the best father figures me and my brother had. He was such a happy and full of joy person always laughing and makininf us laugh. And he didn't have a harmful bone in his body. I will always cherish my memories with him. Because I know what a beautiful person he is. And all of you with your negativity can go fuck yourself. Excuse my French. Grow up people. Stop judging and start helping. And for Regina the "pregnant wife" you are one seriously disturbed woman but I pray for you also.