Erie County sergeant takes on car fire

He pulled up to the Mason Jar parking lot and noticed a fire swallowing up a car.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 30, 2014


An Erie County Sheriff official assumed the role of firefighter Monday morning when he extinguished flames engulfing a Ford Taurus.

Sgt. Steven Hammersmith pulled up to the Mason Jar parking lot, located within the 4400 block of W. Mason Road, and noticed a fire swallowing up a car. He immediately retrieved a fire extinguisher and began putting out the flames.

A fire extinguisher is included in each sheriff cruiser. The car continued to burn until Groton firefighters arrived on scene to fully tame the flames. Afterward, Hammersmith talked to the car owner, who said his car began to overheat as he was headed home.

The man pulled off the road and into the Mason Jar parking lot, at which time the vehicle became fully engulfed. Nobody sustained any injuries.


Clark W. Griswald

Another cop who wishes he was a fireman


And if the cop did nothing you would have complained about that too. Why all the cop bashing? Truck drivers have fire extinguishers in their trucks too. What if a truck driver had stopped to help put it out, do you think they secretly wish to be firemen too?

Clark W. Griswald

I don't bash cops lady, relax killer


A Fireman jealous that he didn't get to play with his hose

Darwin's choice

Good job Steve!