‘Blue’ baby taken from home

Couple may face charges
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 18, 2014
Charges may soon be forthcoming for a couple who allegedly allowed a 9-month-old baby to remain unconscious and not breathing for almost half an hour in a Rye Beach Road home.

A 22-year-old Sandusky woman called a Bellevue-area doctor’s office at 1:23 p.m. on April 11 after her 26-year-old boyfriend discovered her baby girl unresponsive in her crib, Erie County detective Bob Rieger said.

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The child was not breathing, Rieger said, and her lips had turned blue.    The couple allegedly left the child like that until the office called her back 22 minutes later. Office staff told the woman to call 911 immediately, as she said the child’s coloring was not back to normal and she wasn’t acting herself, Rieger’s report stated.

The woman agreed to take her baby to the nearest emergency room, but two hours later, she still hadn’t checked in at Firelands Regional Medical Center, the report said.

The doctor’s office was unable to reach the mother by phone, so they called her emergency contact instead.

At that point, the contact stopped by the Rye Beach Road home, picked up the child and drove her to Fisher-Titus Medical Center in Norwalk.

Staff later transported the baby to a Toledo hospital for further treatment.

The mother told deputies she refused to take her children to Firelands because they twice “tried to kill her son” the report said.

At Fisher Titus, a social worker checked on the child. The baby had a black eye and a 2-inch pinch mark on her arm, Rieger said.

The emergency contact — who is a family-friend — told investigators this was not the first time she noticed bruises on the baby and her 1-year-old brother, but the mother and boyfriend always offered reasonable explanations.

The mother told her friend the child’s black eye appeared after she cried non-stop, and she believed it was the result of a popped blood vessel.

But when investigators told the mother the bruises were inconsistent with a popped vessel, she began to yell and asked if she was being accused of child abuse, the report said.

The woman then changed her story, saying her son may have thrown a toy at the baby, causing the bruises.

Social workers granted emergency custody of the child to her emergency contact and gave the woman’s other children to a relative, Rieger said.

The case was forwarded to the Huron municipal prosecutor for review. Charges could be forthcoming for both the mother and her boyfriend, deputies said.



WOW. Just. ....WOW


WOW is right!!!!!! SMDH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Hero Zone

Agreed with both above.


The child will surely be brain-damaged from lack of oxygen if it survives. Pay attention people, when a child has bruises, they came from something. Alert the proper authorities before it's too late.


I feel for this baby, and I hope she makes a full recovery.

I'm not making any type of excuse for these parents, but a baby gets bruises around this age from starting to walk till they learn their footing. You're right though, people pay attention to the bruises.


I will personally volunteer to pay for this "baby momma's" Depo Provera for the next thirty years.

I also think we should bring back the Scarlet Letter S tattoo idea. Let's start giving these abusive punks neck tats that say they beat on babies.


Will the "S" stand for "STUPID"?


All that baby wants is to be loved and taken care of! How unfair and sad!

Dwight K.

Hmm they must live in the Erie Village apartments

mimi's word



Just because people can breed does not make them fit for parenthood.


I truly hope that these children are carefully watched after they are given back to their parents. This stuff does not get better, and the laws give parents custody in almost all situations.


They should NEVER be given back




By definition any person who resorts to living in subsy housing is an irresponsible derelict loser, kind words can not redeem a lifetime of bad choices they made to get there.


in 1984 I applied and received subsidized housing. I was 25, divorced, and had three kids. I received foodstamps and a medical card. fast track to 2014, my children are grown. they are college educated, own their own homes, and drive new cars. they have wonderful families too. I own 9 rental homes and my tax bracket is a tad bit higher than 1984, hmmm. not every person that finds themselves at the bottom chooses to be there or stays there.

Dwight K.

Alot of people that live over there are not saying all...I live extremely close by so I hear what goes on over there.




Good for you! Everyone has a will, and a way, it just needs to be set in motion. Glad you're becoming a success story. Keep doing what you're doing lady!


Success story?? You are probably another one living off my money!!


Yes, she is becoming a success story.

The way she described her upbringing reminds me of mine. Yes, I grew up poor, my dad always had a job, but he kept quitting them to find better ones. My parents weren't ones to turn away handouts.

Me? I hated being poor. I was embarrassed when my mom would use food stamps, the few times we were eligible for them. I never wanted to be like that. I VOWED never to be like that. I NEVER was on government assistance nor had family to help me out. I worked over 72 hours a week for many years after high school, and the hubby working over 50 hours to get ahead.

Me and the hubby saved money for a down payment for a house. Neither of us got help from our parents. Got it when we were 25 years old, and still living here in the country with plenty of land for the kids to grow up in over a decade later.

I'm rooting for her! She's working and paying in taxes too. This person is what we conservatives call a "hand up" and not a "hand out".

I would rather see my tax dollars going to her, than to the men who ordered snipers on the Bundy Ranch!

FYI...the government robbed me of over $13,000 in federal alone. I wish I could dictate where my money goes!


Just stop! This is a pathetic story of a mother who doesn't get off her butt and show her kids what a hard working single parent is capable of! I'm pretty sure the kids in her case are teens, how much time do you need to do something with your life?? The getting an education excuse gets old for me.




Awesome job! Keep smiling! Too bad children raised in higher crime areas and areas with high drug abuse usually get involved with either of the 2. Good luck with that, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Have you ever taken a statistic class for any of your extravagant online certificates you "worked" so hard for?



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The Hero Zone

Thank you and JMOP for sharing your stories and continuing to strive to be better for yourself and your children.


I apologize. I don't like talking about myself, and I don't like getting off topic, especially in an article as sad as this is.

I can't sit back and read someone getting bashed for where they live, when they're trying to better themselves. All some people can do is to keep looking ahead, and making the right choices to get there.

Thank you Hero. I do enjoy and learn from your insight.

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The Hero Zone

I share your sentiment. Many good people come out of bad circumstances. In fact it is often those challenges that help them BE better people and respect what they have and where they're taking their lives. I myself grew up in a divorced household with an alcoholic mother. I don't bring it up often but it shows that even when things aren't even what we want to believe are "normal" that we can still find success and happiness.

Many of my community members have similar, imperfect lives. They just want to try and better themselves and enjoy life which is why I get just as defensive as you did with your comments. I completely understand.

Remember this, JMOP, "Goonies never say die!"