Paul violates protection order

Former Erie County auditor spends night in jail
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 17, 2014


Former Erie County auditor Tom Paul spent the night in jail for allegedly violating a protection order his daughter filed against him.

Paul, 61, of the 100 block of Newberry Ave., was charged with violation of a protection order, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Paul called his 35-year-old daughter twice at about 9 p.m. Tuesday, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

On the first call, his daughter answered the phone without checking who was calling and immediately hung up when she heard her father’s voice. The second call she let go to voicemail, and Paul allegedly left a message.

In that voicemail, which the daughter later played for deputies, Paul asked to speak with his grandson.

“The male continues that he has custody of (the boy) and wants to speak with him now. The male then states that he is aware of his protection order with (his daughter). The male states that if (his daughter) does not let him speak with (the boy) there will be ‘issues’” the report states.

Paul and his wife have custody of the teen, but his daughter told deputies Paul was well aware of the boy’s temporary livingarrangements with her, the report said.

When deputies confronted Paul with his daughter’s complaint Tuesday night, he said he didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to call her. The daughter contends both she and Paul were at court on Monday concerning the protection order, the report said.

In late March, Paul’s daughter applied for a protection order and made criminal allegations against Paul, with whom she and her son were living at the time.

She told Erie County deputies Paul inappropriately displayed and touched himself in front of her and the boy multiple times, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

When detectives and social workers interviewed the teen, he said his mother’s allegations were false, Oliver said.

Paul also denied the allegations.

Deputies forwarded the case to assistant Erie County prosecutor Mary Ann Barylski. As there was no corroborating evidence of the allegations, no criminal charges were filed, Oliver said.

Nonetheless, the protection order was still valid when Paul allegedly called his daughter on Tuesday.

Deputies arrested him Tuesday night and took him to the Erie County jail, where he remained until late Wednesday morning.

Paul served as the Erie County auditor for several years until current auditor Rick Jeffrey bested him at the polls in November 2010.



Worked with Tom at Tsubaki and he is a great guy and family man. The daughter has always given this man a raft of



yes the daughter has SERIOUS issues and her father is not the problem.

yea right

sounds like she needs to be taken to the wood shed..and to grow up


The amount of damage one disturbed child can do to a family is unbelievable.


Sounds like a bunch of bull honkey donk to me


A real father will put himself through hell for his children.


.....only if they deserve it. Women do NOT know what it takes to be a real man! They just think they know!


How do you know what hell other family members went through?


I understand the he said/she said kind of thing but he admitted in the voice mail that he knew about the TPO and then when the deputies got there he said he didn't know he wasn't allowed to call her. Kind of a contradiction there - in my opinion anyway - so in knowing about it why take that chance? If you know that she's a problem child and has issues, why push her buttons intentionally? And I totally agree with all of you - especially YoMamma that a real father will do whatever for their kids, but I don't think that includes putting themselves in jail for something like this. But again that's just my opinion and I'm sure that I'm saying this wrong and not getting out what I want to say.


And both of you know that Mr. Paul has not already gone through hell for his daughter? Hmm thought so,


Stories like the above are exactly why some people don't respect the SR.

I have never met nor heard much about Mr Paul but the story is completely unnecessary and borderline libel in my opinion.

Why is it necessary to air out this guy's dirty laundry? He's not a public official any more, he was not charged with the crime he was initially accused of, and from what the other commenters are suggesting the accusations made against him are ridiculous.

the only conclusion I can come up with is that the SR is exercising it's recently typical tabloid style journalism to sell papers and rack up page views.

I'm all for strong journalism and keeping public officials in check but this is absurd

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment MattDamon. A Register reporter collects information daily for the police blotter the Register publishes. This arrest would have been posted in the blotter unless the Register made an exception for Paul. It would not be appropriate to make such an exception. A blotter item inevitably would lead to questions about the circumstances of his arrest and it was determined the best way to properly report this incident was to provide the information from the sheriff's reports. A newspaper's job is to report the information it obtains, not withhold it, from readers. We try to stick with that approach. But good questions. Thanks.


I agree that making an exception for Mr Paul would not be appropriate and thats exactly why I commented because the writers/editors who contributed to the story clearly made an exception. To my understanding the police blotter gives a simple "play by play" of what happened when an individual in the city was arrested.

The exception for Mr Paul was made when it published unsubstantiated claims made by his daughter. How many other similar stories has the SR ran about protection order violations where it publishes the details of why a protection order was violated? I would guess 99% of protection order violations show up as a two line story in the police blotter. I the I think the details shared in this story certainly cross that line between newspaper and tabloid.

Why is the above story news? What benefit does the community gain by being made aware of the lawsuit and allegations made by the daughter?

There you go again

I agree with you, MattDamon. SR chose to exploit Mr. Paul and diminish the facts about the daughter's allegations. I don't know Mr. Paul but the story made him out to be a creepy criminal. Thanks goodness comments here clarified the state of his daughter's relationship with him. Biased reporting, in my opinion, just to sensationalize a story. Sad for SR.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks There you go. Does your comment mean you would decide to make an exception and not publish the item in the blotter, as some sort of consideration, or you would not answer questions from readers when they ask for more information if you did publish the item? The news article clearly states what is in the court and police documents, the specific information you suggest hasn't been reported. It's the court's job to ajudicate the conflicting information, not the newspaper's.

yea right

so the sr has turned into a gossip a new job..really you and the staff have no training what so ever..including that trigger happy picture taker..(can not and will NOT ever call him a photographer) your paper has always been one sided..


Oh no, I agree with Matt Westerhold on something...what is wrong with me... If it was just a blotter item then people would have assumed the worst, by taking the time to print an actual story they explained the entire story. Including how the rest of the family members disagree with the allegations the daughter placed against Mr. Paul.

I just wish that the entire 20 year story could be printed here so that people really knew what has been going on. Mr. and Mrs. Paul should be commended for trying and not giving up on their daughter.

Thank you to the SR for telling as much of the story as you could.


You're right MrSandusky.


People want to read news until it reflects badly on themselves or their friends.

Keep reporting the news, SR. Keep it factual, complete, and objective; and save opinions for the editorial page.




@there you go again....I don't see any biased reporting here at all. Sorry to disagree with you. For once, I see both sides being reported with what apparently seems to be BOTH sides equally explained. The father had a Protection order which he violated and was jailed for violating and the daughter apparently got it by lying to a judge and prosecutor. It remains to be seen if she gets charged for that. That is pretty fair to both sides if you ask me. I don't know any of the parties involved so I have a pretty removed view of this...not knowing anyone involved and from what I read, this was a fair article. If you don't want your name in the paper or an article written about you (as a past public figure) then don't break the law. It's pretty straight forward. Sorry....they are just as fair game as anyone else who does something this silly. Breaking a restraining order is just plain dumb. And being a past public official he should have known better. Don't blame the news media for doing what they get paid to do. It isn't their fault. It's their job.


Is crime no longer news?

Julie R.

If the allegation his daughter made is false - and according to his grandson it is - that lady is pure evil to make up something like that.

That said, doesn't Mr. Paul now work in the Erie County Clerk of Court office?


If the allegation made by the daughter against her father is false (and the grand son confirms that it is false)then the daughter is the one who ought to be sitting in jail charged with the crime of falsification.

Why isn't she facing charges? There is enough evidence in this story (two witnesses claim she made a false statement to incriminate another in a crime) to charge her.
See subsection (A)(2)
This is a serious miscarriage of justice and Baxter's office owes the community an explanation for the office's failure to charge the daughter. Kudos to the SR for publicizing the information that demonstrates Mr. Paul is the actual victim here.


Give them time. Perhaps Baxter hasn't had time to do so yet. It seems to me that they can't just flip a switch down there and press that charge without being given some time to do so. Didn't this just happen? I would bet she DOES get charged given the situation now.


LOL, seriously Baxter can pick up a phone a direct a sheriff deputy to charge someone with a signature on a criminal complaint in Municipal Court. It takes maybe ten minutes.


double post


No he either resigned or was asked to resign or fired from the Clerk of Courts.


Perhaps the SR should put this in the print paper to inform those who don't have the online edition. What say you, Matt?


Mr. Paul has not been acting rationally for some time. Allegations true or false, he had a CPO and should not have contacted her. The is much more to this story than meets the eye.


He had a CPO issued against him by a woman who according to other witnesses lied to obtain it and prosecutor Barylski allowed it to remain in place knowing the underlying basis for the CPO was false.

It would be interesting to see how "sane" you would be when the justice system you were raised to believe in turns out to be able to be twisted by criminals and corrupt politicians to silence people by imprisonment.


He's no longer a public official or a county employee...hmmm...wonder
Not trying to defend or accuse anyone here but I believe there are many facts that SR do not have about either the accused or the accuser.

Julie R.

Now that I think about it, that's what the joke Erie County courts (working in collusion with goon Chicago attorneys for a big insurance company and a Huron insurance agent) pulled off on me. It was right after I found out that the crook attorney I had was working in illegal collusion with the courts by filing and dismissing a bogus sham lawsuit in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County --- a county that had nothing to do with the probate estate of my mother, a life-long Erie County resident. That's when I filed my own complaints in the Erie County probate court where they should have been filed to begin with. Three days after I filed the complaints (which included legitimate complaints against attorneys) the joke courts pulled off one of their infamous intimidation tactics. They tried to say it was a criminal offense to request records after the crook Huron insurance agent tried to tell me that all of my deceased mother's 9 contracts (that I was supposed to make sure were paid out someday) "had all been cancelled due to lack of payment" during the 11 months she was in that stinking nursing home owned by corrupt Erie County.

Really? A criminal offense to request records? Duh, I thought that was DISCOVERY. As I recall, Binette even threatened to "throw me in jail" if I requested the records ........ but I still did, not that it did any good. All the goon attorneys for the insurance company did then was file a Motion requesting the probate court allow them not to release the records I requested and the probate court, of course, allowed it.

So is that similar to what was done to Mr. Paul? The insurance company got a protective order to protect themselves from my requests for records?


Julie - you've been yammering on about this for years on this site. Do us all a favor and let it go & move forward with your life. You'll never get what tomorrow has for you if you can't let go of yesterday.


It's not that easy to get a TPO. Most of the time, your concerns are dismissed. And then once you HAVE a TPO, enforcement is sadly lacking. That this woman managed to get such an order, and that police actually acted upon it (in fairness, they're SUPPOSED to), either speaks volumes as to what an awful man Paul is OR it tells us that Julie's allegations of county-wide corruption have more merit than some of us have been inclined to grant.

I don't know any of the parties involved here, but if those who suggest that the daughter lied to get the TPO are right, I don't NEED to know any of the parties to know perfectly well which one of the two OUGHT to be in jail!


Sam...many people get TPO's and flat out lie to get them. I have seen this happen a great many times. They just don't get caught at it like this girl is getting caught. I don't know these people either. I have, however, seen a couple of women in Sandusky that I DO know who lied through their teeth to get TPO's and got them without incident. It was shamefully issued without a snag to be seen anywhere, never checked out and issued without incident. (to me that IS corruption). The men never violated the orders so no one was the wiser. However, during the divorce, it did come out that the TPO had no merit on one of them. By then, it was too late to do anything about it. No one went to jail for anything. In this case one can only hope that this girl goes to jail for her falsification of her charges. To me, a TPO allegation should be completely investigated before it is granted and NOT just granted by someones word. No evidence, no granting.


The question for me is why based on the following didn't the Sheriff's department press charges against the daughter and why didn't Assistant Prosecutor ensure the TPO was lifted?

"In late March, Paul’s daughter applied for a protection order and made criminal allegations against Paul, with whom she and her son were living at the time.

She told Erie County deputies Paul inappropriately displayed and touched himself in front of her and the boy multiple times, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

When detectives and social workers interviewed the teen, he said his mother’s allegations were false, Oliver said.
Paul also denied the allegations."

Comment: At this point the detectives and social workers should know the mother/daughters comments are false based on the teen's statements and Paul's denial.

"Deputies forwarded the case to assistant Erie County prosecutor Mary Ann Barylski. As there was no corroborating evidence of the allegations, no criminal charges were filed, Oliver said."

Comment: Why forward a criminal case to the prosecutors that you should know is based on lies? There is no corroborating evidence of the daughter's allegations against Paul but THERE IS CORROBORATING EVIDENCE THAT SHE IS LYING. Both the teen and Paul state she is making it up.

So why wasn't a criminal case forwarded charging the daughter with falsification and why is the TPO still in place when it is based on a uncorroborated evidence that two witnesses claim is a lie?

IMO, this is an example of how LE and the prosecutors can create a case for political reasons. Speculating: The daughter is a snitch and creates a lot of business for LE and prosecutors and they need to protect her.

Julie R.

There wasn't any police involved in that idiot "protective order" that those goon Chicago attorneys (working in collusion with the corrupt Erie County courts) filed against me 3 days after I filed complaints in the Erie County probate court. I mean, geez, couldn't you just see those goon attorneys for a big insurance company coming down to Erie County and telling the police they needed a protective order against the daughter of a deceased client for requesting records pertaining to her deceased mother's 9 contracts that a Huron insurance agent tried to say "were all cancelled due to lack of payment" during the 11 months her mother was in a nursing home?

That was nothing but an idiot unlawful intimidation tactic by the joke courts and the goon attorneys thinking they were going to scare me ....... but they didn't.

nervousnellie1 I said to evidence, no PTO. No PTO should EVER be granted unless absolute proof is given to a judge and prosecutor. Most PTO's aren't worth the paper they are written on anyway, but they are nothing more to most people than a "scare tactic". You are right about that. I can't understand why a lawyer from Chicago would file one against you unless they were hiding something. That should have been a big red flag to the judge.


Yes, that's Julie's point. She is alleging the Judge was in on the probate fraud perpetrated by the attorneys.

Julie R.

One judge? That's a joke. There was more than one. It wasn't only the judge in the Erie County probate court, it was also Binette and his magistrates (one, anyway) in the common pleas. That's where a crook attorney filed that scam partition action on my behalf without my knowledge to have my deceased mother & stepfather's house in Huron sold at a scam sheriff sale under a fraud preliminary judicial report. Also, how about duh judge in corrupt Cuyahoga County (a Carolyn Friedland) --- the one that allowed that crook attorney to file and dismiss a totally bogus sham lawsuit in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County against that crook insurance company/Huron insurance agent and a Huron bank ---- a jurisdiction that had nothing to do with the probate estate of my mother, a life-long Erie County resident. And last but not least --- how about that clown retired rent-a-judge the Erie County probate court brought in not too long ago ten years after my mother's death ........ and oh, what a corrupt clown he was!

Julie R.

Come to think of it, there was "police" involved in that idiot intimidation tactic the Erie County courts & attorneys pulled off right after I filed complaints in the probate court ---- two, anyway. It was somebody from the sheriff's department when Lyons was the sheriff that delivered that more than ignorant "protective order" crap. Also, according to my brother, the Huron police chief Randy Glovinsky was present when Baxter said "forgery wasn't a criminal matter, it was a civil matter that had to be handled by the probate court" ...... yet when Baxter, as per usual, wouldn't return my phone calls, I asked Glovinsky to put what Baxter said in writing. Instead, he pulled off a Baxter ---- he went into hiding, too.

Julie R.

So if protection orders go through the prosecutor's office, does that mean Kevin Baxter was behind that more than idiot "protection order" crap the joke courts & those goon Chicago attorneys for an insurance company pulled off on me? If so, I'll have to check my records but I don't recall seeing Baxter's name on that crap. All I saw was the signature of Roger Binette.

Also, aren't protection orders a matter of public record? If so, I sure can't find anything on the one the jokes pulled on me. Binette must have sealed the records.


First of all, you all need to under stand the difference in restraining/protection orders. There is a Temporary Protection Order, and there is a Civil Protection Order.

The story does not say which protection order the daughter was granted. You people are calling it a CPO and a TPO and it can't be both.

I am guessing because she was living with her father at the time, she was granted a CPO, especially if there were claims of domestic violence. There may have been a number of allegations in the claim, not just the one that the grandson disputed. A civil protection order is not easy to obtain. There would have been a trial with witnesses who testified under oath and then the judge would decide over the evidence, testimony and he said she said.

I don't know which protection order she was granted, and it has not been listed on either the common pleas court or the municipal court. (municipal court info gets posted quicker than muni, so that is another reason I think it is a CPO)

Interesting to note, though. Mr. Paul or his wife filed for divorce at about the same time as the protection order. So that means someone else is tired of living with Mr. Paul.

None of us know what goes on in the household. But everyone here is saying that this girl has been a problem for 20 years. Maybe the parents need to change their parenting techniques if what they have done for so long is obviously not working. Obviously this guy can not hold his temper or follow the law.

Julie R.

Gee DickTracey, you seem to know a lot about Protection Orders. The way you make it sound protection orders are against people. That's not what those goon Chicago attorneys for an insurance company, working in collusion with the probate court and the common pleas court of Binette, filed against me three days after I filed complaints in the probate court against my mother's Huron attorneys (the Pisanos), some Lorain County attorney from Baumgartner & O'Toole, a Huron Prudential agent and Huron's KeyBank.

That idiot protection order was about my request for records.


There are also protection orders issued in Domestic Relations Court and orders can be issued by Courts in criminal cases such as menacing or sex oriented cases and civil cases or as part of bonds. A judge may issue an order as part of already existing Domestic Relations case which is what likely happened here as Paul had custody of the boy so there had to be a pre existing case.

Again, there is credible evidence that the daughter made false allegations against her father and that is a crime.


DickTracey you are wise!


Erie County hands out CPO's like candy. All a women has to do that knows the system, is to shed a tear and lye. And we have a money making circle jerk with the courts and there piece of crap lawyer's too take in the money.Trust me I know from experience.


I can tell you all that I know this family very well, including the details behind this event that the Register wasn't privvy to, and the entire family has endured more mental and emotional trauma than any of you can imagine. Mr. and Mrs. Paul lost their son via suicide - how would any of you stay sane if that happened in your family?
Rather than cast a bunch of uninformed judgements about the daughter being "evil" & needing to "go to the woodshed" (neither of which are remotely accurate), maybe you all could pray and hope for reconciliation for this family.