Eight arrested after resort party

Underagers from Lorain County drink beer in Erie County
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 15, 2014


Eight underage revelers were arrested Sunday night at Kalahari Resorts after security staff stumbled on a large drinking party.

Matthew Canon, 20, Elyria; Tristan Taliano, 18, Amherst; Mark Matos, 20, Amherst; Thomas Zarlinga, 18, Elyria; Mark Ferber, 20, Amherst; two girls, both 17, Amherst, were each charged with underage consumption. One of the Amherst girls was also charged with obstruction.

Security guards came across loud music from one of the resort’s rooms at about 8:30 p.m. and called Erie County deputies to the scene, according to a deputy’s report.

Deputies found numerous Bud Light bottles strewn around the room and several more full bottles stashed in the refrigerator, the report said. One girl gave deputies a false birthdate, prompting her additional obstruction charge.

Another of the group’s friends who was found to be sober took responsibility for all of the adults and they were released at the scene.

The two 17-year-old girls were taken to the Erie County Detention Home.



There you go again

Wow, kinda crazy out there at Kalahari!


This sort of thing seems to go on constantly there. They need their own police force, not just security guards. They keep the Sheriffs' department busy.

JMOP's picture

Rated worlds best indoor waterpark. With all that drinking, it must be hard to keep up with the chlorine levels.


Was this an isolated incident or business as usual? I am a little surprised that the article makes no mention of the response of Kalahari management - were they even asked?


All these "kids" traveling to Sandusky to party. They must have some great jobs. The economy must be looking up! LOL. I mean the price of a room and the price of beer/booze. WOW these kids are doing good for themselves!