Woman reports gang rape

Sandusky resident says she was held captive in camper for three days
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 12, 2014


A Sandusky woman told Erie County deputies this week she was held captive for three days and gang-raped in a camper a few years ago, when Ohio Bike Week was still held at the Erie County Fairgrounds.

Deputies have not yet identified suspects in the case, but they’ve opened a full-fledged investigation.

The 41-year-old woman’s boyfriend reached out to deputies late last week via Facebook, and Detective Dennis Papineau interviewed her Tuesday.

The woman said she visited Bike Week in either 2007 or 2008 and ended up alone in her tent overnight after her friends made other plans. When she hopped in her car the next morning to leave, however, the vehicle wouldn’t start, Papineau said.

An older man approached the woman and offered to help, so she followed him back to a camper near the fairgrounds’ southern entrance to collect some tools.

She, the man and a woman who appeared to be the man’s wife chatted for a few minutes. But soon, the man let three other men into the camper, the woman told deputies.

At that point, the men subdued her, Papineau said.

So began three days of alleged brutality.

All four men repeatedly raped the woman over the subsequent 72 hours. When she fought back, they bound her limbs with zip ties, Papineau said.

When she didn’t listen to the men, they threatened her with force, Papineau said.

One of the woman’s assailants apparently assisted in her escape. On the final day of her captivity, while she was using the restroom, one of the suspects told her if she wanted leave, that moment was her opportunity to do so.

The woman bolted for the back door and ran to a nearby gas station, where she called a friend to pick her up, Papineau said.

The woman never reported her story to a law enforcement agency.

“She said she was scared and didn’t really know what to do,” Papineau said.    During her interview Tuesday, the woman offered descriptions of each of the four men, as well as the interior and exterior of the camper, Papineau said.

Because of the amount of time that has elapsed since the alleged incident, investigators must now begin checking relevant records and tracking down leads.

Detectives are also cross-checking the case with any other similar crimes, Papineau said.

Detectives will conduct additional interviews with the woman in an attempt to glean more details from her.

One inconsistency did pop up during the woman’s Tuesday interview, as she said the incident occurred the last year Ohio Bike Week was held at the fairgrounds. She said it was either 2007 or 2008. The last year bike week was held at the grounds was 2011.



Sounds like a large load of bantha poodoo.


She was held hostage for 3 days and her friends never reported her missing? Seems kind of fishy.


Hmmm...She didn't report the crime. The people she RAN to didn't report the crime. And apparently nobody missed her for THREE DAYS while the crime was ongoing. Both richrs and eightballcuet1 are right: I call B.S., too!

P.S. If the supposed "victim" reads this, or hears about it, I have just one thing to say to you: What a nasty and cruel thing to do to those women who've suffered this kind of thing for real. They'll NEVER be the same. And you? Sounds to me like you're just lacking in attention. I'd pity you if I wasn't a whole lot more concerned with the arrest of an innocent man or three, and if I didn't feel for all of those women whose horror you've now minimized!


Wow, are you sure it didn't happen and she isn't suffering from PTSD?

That said, I think it was inappropriate to publish this story and allow wild speculation on it until there was more factual support for the story one way or the other.


No, I'm not sure she isn't suffering from PTSD. The point I was making, though, is that not only did SHE report nothing, neither did anybody else who WASN'T victimized, who DID at least know she was missing, and who (having not been victimized) SURELY aren't suffering from PTSD!

I'm well aware that there are women who suffer such attacks and never speak a word of it, or delay talking about it, just because it IS so traumatic. If that was all there was to the story, I'd surely agree with your premise and give her the benefit of the doubt until all of the facts are in. But that NOBODY did or said anything -- people who were in a position not to simply assume, but who KNEW -- strains credulity beyond where I'm willing to go.

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You WERE in a tie for Most Judgmental Assumer, however, THIS comment just put YOU in the lead.

Julie R.

So is she trying to say it was bikers that did this?

The Big Dog's back

The old right wingnut mantra, if I didn't see it happen, it didn't happen.

Steve P

piddle this has nothing to do with politics, but since your brought it up, maybe she can call Al Sharpton, seems right down his ally.

The Big Dog's back

It's in the personal makeup, like yours.

Steve P

piddle clearly the lid fell on your neck with your mindless rants, take your afternoon meds and your nap.


How can anyone take BigDog serious any more? You are obsessed beyond belief. Are you capable of any conversation or exchange of thoughts without using the words right wingnuts? Your mommy must have beat you with a Bush.


You mean like the "Duke University Case"?

Steve P

Agreed, if this is a false claim it hurts real victims.


Her boyfriend reached out to the sheriff through Facebook sounds to me she is trying to hide something. Try another story for Bikeweek. Just because it is coming up again is not a reason to start trouble for it. Most "Bikers" are not what you picture. I know quite a few Doctors who are bikers.

Stop It

That's because "most" bikers are not "real" bikers.


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Who reports a crime via Facebook? Pick up the phone and call police.