Police: Man zapped after resisting arrest

Erie County deputies used a Taser on a Sandusky man Sunday evening after he allegedly resisted arrest at a Huron gas station.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 9, 2014


Antoine Stockett, 30, 1800 block E. Shoreway Drive, was charged with resisting arrest, obstruction, marijuana possession and driving under suspension.

A deputy pulled Stockett’s vehicle over on Main Street at about 4 p.m. and smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, according to a deputy’s report.

Stockett gave deputies consent to search his person, but when they began to pat him down, Stockett kept reaching into his pocket, the report said.

Stockett then began to walk away, reaching into his pockets and waistband. A deputy ordered him to stop and said he was under arrest, then told him to put his hands behind his back.

Stockett allegedly became aggressive, replying “Or what?” “He turned toward me abruptly as if he was going to strike me” the deputy wrote in his report. The deputy used his Taser to zap Stockett, who fell to the ground.

He crawled partially underneath the deputy’s cruiser and a bag of marijuana was found on the pavement. “You didn’t find that weed on me, you can’t charge me with that” Stockett told the deputy, according to the report.

Deputies charged Stockett and took him to the Erie County jail.


Good 2 B Me

A black man tased in Huron...this ought to go over well.

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Well at least it is not a white man beat half to death in Detroit.



...and the officer responds to Stockett saying "you are right, we aren't going to charge you for that baggie of weed, but it was sure fun watching you fall to the ground, foam at the mouth and pi$$ yourself! Mind if we do that one more time?"


Just take the ticket for simple possession and go about your day and pay your fine. Huron PD will pull you over for being Black and driving in Huron or for driving in huron after 10pm without a Huron Tigers bumper sticker.


true, $100 fine and costs. you will not even be arrested. for a pipe though, license suspension for 6 months minimum, up to 5 years, along with a fine and costs. money grubbing A-holes..


C'mon Toine ! Whatchyoo doin up in Huron with yo dime bag ?


Probably having fun with one of your relatives.


Highly doubt it sandumpy419....My relatives and myself probably paid for that dime bag with our tax money that fills his & your sorry a$$ pockets ! Get a job sparkling wiggles !


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It was Erie co that got him not Huron pd


Stay out of Huron dude


Toine is a good dude to.. that's messed up that they are even harassing him for weed.. cmon man.. resisting arrest??? I don't believe it for a min.. he said something that pissed the cop off and it went on from their


Don't open your big mouth and piss a cop off. They can't shut their mouths for a second is why they are in trouble all the time.


I think he needs to watch Chris Rock's "How not to get your a$$ kicked!"


So what's your problem justwow tourettes? We see you can't control yourself saying ignorant things or do it run in your family?

Stop It

Let me fix that for ya, pot.

So, what is your problem Justwow? Tourette syndrome? We see that you can't control yourself from saying ignorant things. Does it run in your family?

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Erie county deputies are almost as bad as Sandusky county deputies...... Umm , well, not that bad...


AEversole, thanks for continuously proving your ignorance on here. It entertains me.


AEversole is actually right, Antoine is a good guy. I have known him for almost 14 years. He has always kept a job, went to college, & has a good head on his shoulders. However, he is human & I dont think not one person on here has never done something they shouldn't have. Yes pot is against the law, but it is a law I believe many Americans have tried at least once in their life. So how about before you write him off as another thug with many of these ignorant comments & make it a Sandusky or black thing, you think twice because anyone that knows Antoine, knows he doesn't fit any of these stereotypes you are placing upon him & would bet their right pinky some of this story is embelished. This story sounds nothing like him, not even on his worst day. Keep your head up Toine! Everyone makes mistakes... even the police.


I absolutely agree!! Toine keep your head up!



Dr. Information

Just another doped up thug.


far from a thug. You guys sound retarded, and If you ever met this person you would think otherwise. You internet thugs!!