Deputies investigating sexual misconduct complaint

Erie County deputies are investigating a sexual misconduct complaint after a woman reported inappropriate behavior at a Newberry Avenue home, deputies said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 24, 2014


On Thursday evening, an adult woman contacted deputies with details. She alleged an older man had inappropriately touched himself in front of her and her juvenile son, according to a deputy’s report.

The man had not touched her or her son, but she said the acts have occurred on an ongoing basis over a number of years, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

Deputies have opened a formal investigation into the complaint and plan to interview those involved in the coming days, Oliver said.


Darwin's choice

A State Trooper?


"acts have occurred on an ongoing basis over a number of years"????? Why does she continue to allow him into the home??? Or if she is going to this home, why? If it is an ongoing thing, why keep subjecting yourself and your CHILD to it??? Why wait so long to report it?


It could be her husband or a relative that she has no choice but to live with and she finally realized this is not good for her child. Some people are relentlessly in denial.


I might say a great idea pozycjonowanie stron

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LOL you should visit a senior care facility! When a guys gotta itch, he's gotta itch!


Well, I happen to KNOW this family. I certainly hope the police investigate the ROOT of the complaint. The girl that has reported this is on medications (fact), and there are a lot of extenuating circumstances with the whole scenario. I don't believe it one second. This girl was whack in college when she went off the deep end. I certainly hope that police investigate the whole thing. She has done nothing but put this family through hell and back and now this? You need to be ashamed of yourself little girl! You are now 35 and time to grow up and quick causing drama!!!


Funny Secretary1, I know the family too and seems we have way different points of views you must be his girlfriend.


Also Secretary1 if you are in contact with him you should encourage him to get