Security guards assaulted by resort guest

When a security officer told the guest to stop drunkenly jumping between hot tubs at about 9 p.m., he allegedly refused, then “squared up” on him.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 25, 2014


A Michigan man allegedly assaulted three Kalahari Resorts security guards Sunday evening.

Matthew Wittenberg, 36, of Wyandotte, was charged with persistent disorderly conduct and three counts of assault. 

When a security officer told Wittenberg to stop drunkenly jumping between hot tubs at about 9 p.m., Wittenberg allegedly refused, then “squared up” on him, according to an Erie County deputy’s report. “I’m not going anywhere,” he allegedly said. Wittenberg tried to hide in the men’s restroom, but when another guard went in to escort him outside, Wittenberg headbutted him, the report said.

While he was being cuffed, Wittenberg head-butted a second guard, then punched a third in the nose, the report said.

Wittenberg later told deputies he did nothing wrong and did not know why deputies were called.

He was taken to the Erie County jail.



Nothing but problems in this town since that place opened.


Because it wasnt full of problems before? Come on.


Are you talking about DJ's or Kalahari?

O Really

Security guard #2 should have learned from #1 & how did he punch #3 in the nose if he was cuffed?


Didn't say he was cuffed, said he was BEING cuffed...


you always read about Kalahari having problems. What is up with that place?


Need to start sending a bill for each call there.


maybe Kalahari needs their own security staff instead of pulling already overworked police from Perkins and Sandusky to their for the police to be their off duty. But why should they have to cover them way out there? That is ridiculous.


Hot tubs are a cesspool , sloughed off skin, hair, bacteria ,fecal material, pubes, urine, other secretions, just where he really belongs & they go and ruin it for him, yuck....


oops, I forgot one, drunken puke .


People need to stop supporting Kalahari. Just go and apply for a job. You may be surprised just how bad they treat their employees. I went to one of their "paid hiring" meetings, walked out at the finish and got billed for a uniform I never picked up! All the owner cares about is the $$$, he could care less about the employees and guests.


Hire your buddy from Huron for security, fast Freddy