Man charged with felonious assault

A drunken misunderstanding at a Margaretta Township bar late last year put a Sandusky man behind bars Monday afternoon.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 25, 2014


Mike Ramey, 42, of the 400 block of Langston Place, was charged with one count of felonious assault.

On Nov. 23, Ramey went out drinking with some friends at Bayside Tavern on U.S. 6. The only other patron there was John Whyde Sr., 64, who lives behind the building, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

An ambulance was called for Whyde that night, after witnesses and bartenders told emergency personnel he fell off a bar stool.

Whyde’s daughter contacted law enforcement a few days later with a different story. She said an intoxicated Whyde had been flirting with a woman — later found to be Ramey’s girlfriend — who was sitting next to him at the bar, a tavern employee told deputies. At some point, the woman got up to use the restroom and returned to a different stool, leaving Whyde in the seat next to Ramey.

A few minutes passed and Ramey felt Whyde’s hand caressing his neck. He told him to stop, but felt Whyde’s hand again touch his lower back, the report said.

Ten more minutes passed, and Whyde began moving his hand up Ramey’s leg.

A bartender said Whyde had mistaken Ramey for his girlfriend, the report said. The bartender also said Whyde “had even begun kissing (Ramey’s) arm”

After Ramey protested, both men stood up and Ramey pushed Whyde away.

It was then Whyde fell to the floor, hit his head and passed out. He was flown by medical helicopter to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland because he was knocked unconscious, with blood coming from his ears, deputies said.

The impact caused brain lesions, and it took Whyde two weeks in the hospital to realize where he was, the report said.

Ramey was arrested Monday after deputies had a chance to review medical records and confer with Erie County Assistant Prosecutor Jeanne Lippert regarding charges.

He was taken to the Erie County jail, assigned a $40,000 bond, and released later Monday afternoon.



This makes no sense. This man was basically sexually assaulted by another man and he pushes him away in self defense and the drunk falls and hits his head so he gets charged. If that happened to Ramey's girlfriend and she pushed him and he fell no charges would have been filed.


I agree except for the fact that Whyde was drunk and there was no "sexual assault" - in my opinion anyway, and I'm a woman. Sexual harassment yes, intimidation, maybe, would I - again as a woman - have done the same thing? Maybe and it probably would have been considered self defense - once I got to court, but there's a chance that I would have been charged. This may be something he'll get off with as well on the same thing but it's hard to tell until he gets to court.


Which is worse, the SR or you. None of you have a clue as to what happened that night. Not how drunk John was, who touched who where, or if it was really just a push that caused the issues at hand. This is a case that has not been to court and already the SR is helping to form an idea of what transpired. Was this bartender a friend of Ramey? He wasn't mentioned by name and yet his is the story that every reader now thinks is the facts of the case. You should be ashamed. At least the SR does it to sell papers. Why do you spread false information?


Title is wrong. A Sandusky man was charged with assult. The bar is in Margaretta Township. Or the subtitle is wrong and he's not a Sandusky man at all.


Doesn't add up. How does one mistake a bald man for a woman, no matter how drunk??? Whyde does like the ladies, as I have seen myself, and probably bothered the woman, who did the right thing and moved away. It probably made the boyfriend angry and he possibly took matters into his own hands. Best thing would have been to tell the bartender to have a word with him or leave.

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A bit of an overeaction, but why are you not allowed to push away a drunk man putting your hands on you and kissing you?


It's how hard he pushed him and the resulting injuries that occurred that make this felonious assault. He could just have moved or walked away rather than do anything but he didn't. He shoved the guy and caused his injuries.

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That could have very well been the case. But it could have also been a fairly light push and the guy was too drunk to keep balance.


He would have been eating teeth of it was me!


Any man in their right mind would do the same thing, I'll bet the judge will throw this out, and if he doesn't than he sould be ashamed. Any guy that would touch me like that would get hurt too.


Guy would have got hit as soon as he was touching my girlfriend. He wouldn't have had a chance to touch me lol. Hell he might have got away with it if that were the case. Then he would have been defending a woman who was being groped by a man against her will.