Woman arrested for vehicular assault

A Vermilion woman was arrested for vehicular assault on Saturday for a May crash in Berlin Township that left one of her passengers in critical condition.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 10, 2014


Sandra Hoff, 19, of Howard Drive, was charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular assault along with reckless operation and failure to control.

Hoff was driving a Pontiac Sunfire on Church Road the afternoon of May 28 when it veered off the road and slammed into a pole and tree, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

Hoff and her passengers, Ridge Newsom,17, and his brother Cole, 11, were each injured in the crash, with Ridge suffering serious injuries, the report stated.

Hoff allegedly said she struck a pothole that forced her off the road, but later said she couldn’t remember the crash.

Neighbors who gathered around the crash scene said they heard a car speeding far too fast to clear an impending curve in the road. Deputies meanwhile, said Hoff’s story didn’t match up with evidence found at the scene.

A few days later, deputies tested the Sunfire’s air bag control module with the help of Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers.

The module indicated Hoff was traveling at 82 mph within a few seconds of the crash, the report said.

Prosecutors recently authorized charges against Hoff because of the reckless nature of the crash, and she turned herself in on those charges Saturday afternoon, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

Hoff was taken to the Erie County jail and later released, Sigsworth said.


SanduskySlayer's picture

Prosecutors realized there was revenue to be made, so they did what kings classically do. Tax the Poor. Well what happens when the poor fight back? I think she should sue, that pothole caused the crash and the prosecutors know their town is liable. So turn the blame on the victim. Remember these peoples addresses are public record.


Wow, did you read the article? The computer in the car says she was doing 82MPH! If she was doing the speed limit the pothole would NOT have been an issue. If you want to talk about suing anyone, the parents of the other kids that were riding with her would be the ones that would have a case. Talk about unsafe driving and liable. SHE is not the poor little victim. She was the reckless driver.


Can you read or are you just ignoring the facts? Her module documented her traveling at 82mph. Speed is what caused the accident not some pothole.

Uncommon Sense

I sure would like to know more about the analysis used to determine her speed. Seems a little scary that an airbag control module can be the key piece of evidence used to charge someone. Does an airbag control module have a memory?