Man arrested for drunken driving with child in car

A Castalia man was arrested Thursday evening when he was caught drunkenly driving with his 7-year-old son in the vehicle, deputies said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 10, 2014


Kurt Greene, 46, 100 block Reed St., was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, child endangering and improper display of plates.

An Erie County deputy pulled Greene over on Wahl Road at about 7:30 p.m., when he noticed Greene’s rear license plate covered in snow, according to a deputy’s report.

The deputy smelled alcohol wafting from the vehicle, and Greene handed over a “lot abatement” card from his wallet, rather than his license, the report said.

Greene allegedly denied drinking at first, then said he had one Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Greene’s sister soon responded and took custody of Greene’s son, who was riding in the front seat, the report said.

Greene failed field sobriety tests, and his blood-alcohol content registered at .107. He was later released to his brother-in-law.



Had a kid at 39? Nice!


not sure what you are trying to say about someone having a child at husband and i waited till we were both older than most of our friends to have children. i was in my early 30's and my husband in his early 40's. waited till we were financially able to comfortably raise our family in a home that was paid for, drive them in cars that were paid for,and be able to stay home with them a couple dys a week to raise them rather than sending them to daycare 7 days a week and let someone else do it for's called responsible living and parenting. not sure why you would have an issue with someone doing that.


Are you saying driving drunk with your kid in the car is responsible parenting? Early 30's is a lot different than 39. I don't recall saying I had a problem with it. Just thought it was funny. I have a feeling he didn't wait to have kids due to being responsible, or he wouldn't be risking their lives drunk driving. (We also waited to own our own home, and have nice cars before having kids, I just pulled it off before 40)


Baby momma thinks 39 is funny...most responsible people wait until they can afford children! Probably a welfare mom jealous


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BabyMomma--the government doesn't owe you a damn thing!! Neither does anyone else; it is my tax money paying for you!! I was raised upper middle class too but I learned from my parents growing up that at the age of 18 (legally an adult) if I wanted something, I better work for it and work hard!! If mommy and daddy provided for you so well, why aren't still at home letting them keep on doing it instead of demanding that the government pay you because you are owed?!


Why should they have to suffer? They worked their whole life! I have kids, it's really hard to raise kids and go to work and still find time to go out with my friends! I need help! That's why we have government is to help and protect us isn't it? What do you care? It's not like they give me YOUR paycheck, it's just free money.

he said she said

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Damn. One beer too many. It's gettin so you can't even drink & drive anymore.


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