Man accused of assaulting girlfriend

Sheriff: Woman treated for facial bone fractures.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 1, 2014


A Toledo man was arrested Monday after he assaulted his girlfriend so severely she required medical treatment, deputies said.

Miguel Rodriguez, 35, was charged with felonious assault and disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Another guest at Kalahari Resorts reported a disturbance in Rodriguez’s room at about 2:30 a.m. Monday, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

When a security officer heard a physical confrontation in the room, he opened the door to find Rodriguez holding his girlfriend down on the bed, the report said.

Rodriguez’s girlfriend said the pair began arguing over text messages she received from other men, when he became upset and yanked her off the bed by her ankle, the report said.

Rodriguez then allegedly choked the woman and punched her in the face.

When deputies questioned him, Rodriguez maintained the argument never turned physical, the report said.

Medical staff arrived at a different conclusion. The woman was treated at Firelands Regional Medical Center for fractured face bones, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

Rodriguez was taken to the Erie County jail. He remains there without bond, Sigsworth said.




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too much domestic violence in this area. even my mother-in-law thinks it was okay that she was verbally abused for her entire married life. thinks the man has the last word. bull. it is not okay for a man to abuse a woman either verbally or physically and if it's going on, a woman needs to find a way out of that relationship-whatever it takes.

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His facial picture tells the entire story!


Frequently survivors need a wide variety of resources to successfully leave a batterer. They may have limited resources to provide for themselves and their children, especially if they have been in an abusive relationship for a long time. They may need specialized services or assistance to fully heal from the abuse. Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN)can be reached at (800)-934-9840.


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