Inmate attempts suicide

An Erie County jail inmate tried to hang himself in his cell early Sunday morning, deputies said.
Courtney Astolfi
Nov 26, 2013


Brett Farris, 45, of Pioneer Trail, survived the suicide attempt and was put back behind bars after receiving medical treatment, according to a deputy’s report.

A corrections officer discovered the still-conscious Farris while making rounds in the jail shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday, according to the report.

Farris had tied a bed sheet around a bracket near his cell’s window, wrapped it around his neck and shifted his weight in an attempt to hang himself, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

On finding Farris, the corrections officer quickly untied the sheet and called for an ambulance. At that point Farris was still breathing and, as far as deputies can surmise, he never lost consciousness, Oliver said.

Farris told the jail guard he had ingested Magic Shave, a depilatory cream, but investigators found no evidence he actually did so, Oliver said.

Farris had also left a suicide note on his desk, but deputies said it was about personal matters and contained no threats or mention of law enforcement. He was rushed to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and then released back to the jail on Sunday afternoon, Oliver said.

Suicide attempts happen about four to five times a year in the county jail, Oliver said.

Farris was booked into the Erie County jail on Wednesday, when he tried to hide from police after a domestic dispute, according to a Sandusky police report. He’s accused of assaulting and threatening to kill the current boyfriend of his children’s mother, the report said.

Farris remains in jail on charges of assault, aggravated menacing, violating a protection order, resisting arrest, and obstruction. His bond is about $14,000.


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I'll keep my not so nice comment to myself, I hope for his mental state to improve,


Thank you!

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Ill say it then...should have let him finish.


It's people like you that have prompted a change in the comment section.


A thug that likes to beat people, violates protection orders, runs from the cops, sounds like an upstanding citizen. Not his first run in with the police. Also sounds like maybe he really was just looking for attention?? "Swallowing" something that he really didn't do, just to get more time at the hospital? What else was he planning? With a career criminals mindset ya never know. Better keep a closer eye on him.


Would have been cheaper


Thug just wasn't that serious about it. I think it would be hard to ingest magic shave. Did he get the attention he was seeking? Probably.

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Save Ferris!