Health dept. wants clinic on campus

Facility would serve nearby community, help students interested in health jobs.
Tom Jackson
Feb 7, 2014


The Erie County Health Department wants to open a primary care clinic on the EHOVE campus, both to serve the school’s students and employees and to provide services for southern Erie County.

EHOVE is interested, partially because the clinic could provide educational opportunities for students in health care classes, but the discussions are in a very early stage, said Sharon Mastroianni, the school’s superintendent.

Pete Schade, Erie County’s health commissioner, said he wants to serve both the school and the nearby community. He said he’s also interested in working with health care students on campus.

The clinic would be housed in the school’s new health sciences building, Schade said.

“There’s a lot of details that have to be worked out” Schade said.

Schade did not seek any action from the health board when he spoke to its members about the matter Monday but said he will likely bring a motion to the board when it meets in March.

Mastroianni said she’s interested in more conversations about the matter but said so far it hasn’t gone beyond a couple of telephone conversations with Schade.

“There’s a lot that needs to be discussed before this becomes a reality,” said the superintendent, who said that Schade hasn’t visited the campus yet to see what facilities are available.

The campus currently has a nurse provided by the health department, she said.

Mastroianni said health occupations are popular among both high school and adult students at EHOVE, so she’s pleased the proposed clinic might offer opportunities for internships.


Whiskey Tango F...

Ehove is a great place to start up a technical school to teach the trades. Kids don't want to go $100k in debt for an education that employers are willing to pay $11/ hr with no benefits! There is no one teaching trades, they will rob a bank to fund another healthcare program, but they are starving out the trades for this. (I know they have these programs, but they are only advancing the healthcare programs)
Curriculums that prepare the students for local jobs with local AVAILABLE jobs are what we need.