All dogs must be licensed: Friday deadline

County dog warden to issue citations for unlicensed pets
Tom Jackson
Jan 30, 2014


Any dog owners in Erie County must purchase a license for their pooch, even after the state-imposed Friday deadline passes. The county dog warden said officers will be going door-to-door to verify all dogs are licensed.
Those in violation will be issued citations, with a maximum fine of $250 plus court costs. State law requires all dogs to be licensed every year. Dog licenses are $18 apiece, and kennel licenses are $90.
Anyone buying either of those after Friday’s deadline could pay double — $36 for dog licenses and $180 for kennel licenses, when accounting for late fees. State law also requires the license be displayed on the dog. Dog owners should keep in mind a current dog license displayed on the animal is the best form of identification. If the tag is lost, a duplicate can be made for $5 at the dog pound. Dog licenses can be purchased at the following locations:


 Bayview Center, 803 E. Bayview Drive, 419-684-5750


• Citizen’s Bank, 24 E. Main St.; 419-588-2095


• York Animal Hospital, 1184 W. Main St., 419-483-7480


• Citizen’s Bank, 208 S. Washington St., 419-684-5333


• Ace Hardware, 402 Cleveland Road E., 419-433-4797


• Kelleys Island Market, 109 Division St., 419-746-2292


• Noah Pet Clinic, 2502 Ohio 113; 419-499-4949


• Erie County auditor’s office, 247 Columbus Ave., 419-627-7746

• Erie County Dog Warden, 2900 Columbus Ave., 419-627-7607

• Erie County Humane Society, 1911 Superior St., 419-626-6220

• Lakeshore Veterinarian Hospital, 504 W. Jefferson St., 419-621-9080

• M & M Boarding Training, 5705 Campbell St., 419-626-9437

• Noah Pet Clinic, 2405 E. Perkins Ave., 419-504-3660

• Pet Supplies Plus, 3820 Milan Road, 419-627-5570

• Pirates Cove Tropical, 1002 Clinton St., 419-625-2934

• Sandusky Animal Hospital, 3307 Tiffin Ave., 567-256-3615

• Sandusky License Bureau, 1050 Cleveland Road, 419-625-1983


• Country Breeze Carryout, 4303 Ohio 60, 440-967-3081

• Dairy Stop, 12207 W. Lake Road, 440-967-2300


• Denney’s Lock Stop Barrel, 12007 Ohio 113, 440-965-4129


• Register at


Darwin's choice

Don't tell Big Dog, lets let him get arrested!!!!!


if obozo had a dog..

The Big Dog's back


yea right

yea if they have a warrent to get in to the house or on the property..


another great GOV job your tax $$ at it's Finest.. I got mine and it's funny ID is 9mm45cal

mimi's word

You don't need a warrent to go door to door or to look on the property. It is people who make a big deal out of paying that when their dog gets loose and killed they wonder why...


Gotta get that money

mimi's word

Yes they do. I have personally met Barb Knapp and she does alot of work trying to take care of the dogs and getting them safely adopted. I would much rather put my money, taxes and all, to a much worthy cause.


I thought that Firelands Animal Clinic (Dr. Socha in Huron) had them, too.....?

No Wake

Yes, that's where I got mine.


yes fireland's animal hospital sells them also

Truth or Dare

I believe Bozo has a dog! Chances are pretty good there isn't just a freakin tag, but a bar code under it's skin.

Stop It

Door to door in all of Erie Co? Can anyone really take this seriously?

mimi's word

I do not know when they start to do the door to door that but I do know I moved out of the county and got a postcard and a phone call wondering why I hadn't registered the dog. I was glad it mattered to them. I do not understand why it is such an issue if you are a REAL dog owner why it is such a problem. If my 2 ever got out and needed help I would hope to have every means to help them return safely.

Stop It

My dog is licensed for the same reason you give, mimi. But scare tactics like banging on every door in Erie Co. is absurd and the cost would outweigh the revenue for the license.


I lived in Wood County at one time and was subject to a random DOOR TO DOOR check. Wood county is A LOT bigger than Erie. Get over it. It is not that big of a deal. If you are a concerned owner. You show them your pet, your tag and you are done. No biggie. Honestly my dog had the tag, he didn't have his collar on at the time. I got my little speech always having the collar on the dog and blah blah blah. Shook my hand and went oh their way.

Stop It

'random door to door' and 'door to door' present two different things, do they not ladydye?


Ok...they did random AREAS of Wood County at different times. I meant is maybe NOT every single town or village was hit with a door to door check.


"Get over it. It is not that big of a deal."

No, it's only the complete denial of our Fourth AND Fifth Amendment rights.

This is the USA. People are innocent until proven guilty. The fact that you would tolerate the dog gestapo going house to house demanding that citizens provide proof they have NOT commited a crime is shameful. Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in North Korea.

"Show us your papers, Comrade."


So, they're going to go house to house requiring residents to prove their innocence in the absence of individuated probable cause?

Tom, your unquestioning transmittal of this assertion doesn't exactly rise to the highest aspirations of journalism as a watchdog on excesses of the state.