Boy settles case against county

Corrections officer sprayed teen in face with cleaning solution
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 14, 2014


A boy who was sprayed in the face with a cleaning solution at the Tiffin Avenue detention home agreed to settle his case against Erie County this week.

The boy’s attorney, Geoff Oglesby, declined to comment on how much the settlement was worth, but he did say “it was enough”

Last May, the Aspen Run Road boy’s parents filed a lawsuit against the county, seeking damages for a 2012 incident in which detention home corrections officer Ann Turinsky sprayed the boy’s face with cleaning solution, according to court documents.

Oglesby contended the act warranted damages for negligence, civil battery, child endangerment and negligent training and supervision.

Oglesby and the boy’s family asked for compensation in excess of $25,000, but county officials agreed Tuesday to drop the suit in exchange for a settlement.

“The solution that was sprayed was not that chemically dangerous” Oglesby said. “The security guard shouldn’t have done it, but there was no serious or significant injuries to the young man”

In May 2012, Turinsky allegedly sprayed the 17-year-old boy with “Green Earth” cleaner while he made a phone call. She later maintained it was all a joke, court documents stated.

Turinsky was fired the following month because of the incident.



I think all of this was resolved properly.


I agree. It sounds like this was "Resolve"d properly. I heard the corrections officer "Lysol" the time, and it was not a joke. This was a big "Windex" for this boy and his family. I hope they made her "Pledge" to never do anything like this again.... Sorry... I had to.

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Very well done, very well done!!!


What a moron!! A "joke" and she's out of a job and this settlement I'm sure - or at least I would hope - came out of her pocket. The county should in no way have been responsible for those charges. Hope it was worth it!


More than likely not out of her pocket. Either the county or the insurance company ponied up the cash.


Turinsky was fired the following month because of the incident.

OK. Exactly the correct action.

This piece of work should not get any monetary gain click on link above as he sits in prison and we are already paying for him not only then as a delinquent but now as an adult... Turinsky was terminated and name drug through the mud more than once on this issue, but everyone should have their facts straight before judging some based on only half truths that the Sandusky Register uses to make the article sound appealing, she never said it was a joke or claimed to be a malicious act, is was purely accidental as she was cleaning with the spray bottle and sat it on the table and it released in the direction of the then delinquent minor, now imprisoned adult. The "apple didn't fall far from the tree in this family" as it appears his siblings have quite an extensive criminal record also, and some imprisoned likewise.

so as the county pays for something that was misconstrue and completely taken out of context as malicious, along with the alleged never even suffering injuries or minor irritation, the family seen financial gain and blew this up merely to have their children paid for with our tax dollars while incarcerated, and now at the hands of the county insurances and/or tax dollars. Do your research folks before you get on here and think you know what you are speaking of as you all continue to only know the half truth/facts and continue to slander this woman's name and reputation, she clearly has suffered enough while these people continue to gain!