Teens arrested in robbery attempt

Three in detention home after Circle K ‘prank.’
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 28, 2013


Three masked teenagers were arrested after they tried to rob a Sandusky convenience store early Friday morning, police said.

A 13-year-old Tyler Street boy, a 15-year-old Dixon Drive boy and 16-year-old Third Street boy were each charged with robbery and misdemeanor criminal damaging. Two of the teens — each clad in masks and hooded sweatshirts — approached an exterior window at Circle K on West Washington Street around 6 a.m. Friday, Sandusky police detective Jon Huffman said.

The store locks its doors at night, and employees interact with customers solely through the outside window — it was through that opening the boys demanded money from the clerk, Huffman said.

When the boys approached the window, they reached into their hoodie pockets, making it appear they were holding guns, according to a Sandusky police report.

“Give me the (expletive) money,” one teen allegedly said.

The clerk told the child he couldn’t give him something he did not have, prompting the boy to retreat to the building’s west side, the report said.

Surveillance footage then showed the third boy lobbing a brick at one of the store’s windows before all three fled south on foot, the report said.

When a Sandusky officer later reviewed the security tapes, he recognized one of the boys by his camouflage pants and other distinctive clothing items, Huffman said.

Officers spoke with the child’s parents, which soon led them to other addresses the boys were known to frequent, Huffman said.

Officers eventually traced the boys to a Decatur Street home. The teens were wearing the same clothing seen on store surveillance, Huffman said.

When detectives questioned the boys late Friday morning, two admitted their involvement in the attempted robbery, but one remained silent, Huffman said.

“They said it was a prank” Huffman said. The boys said they did not think they’d face criminal charges for the incident, Huffman said.

Officers arrested all three and took them to the Erie County Detention Home.



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So they are some of your kids friends damn sparkling wiggles.


Underage? Apparently. But still well versed enough in the criminal world to pretend that because they ARE underage, they can claim it was just a "prank" or a "joke" and assume they'll get off with a slap on the wrist at worst. Know what the REALLY sad part is? They're probably right...

Until these little thugs get what they deserve, these little thugs will keep up the "pranks" and "jokes" until such time as NOBODY thinks they're funny and finally does what needs to be done EARLIER rather than later: LOCK THEIR DELINQUENT BUTTS UP!


Where do you get this stuff how do you know they assume they are going to get a slap on the wrist really you need a vacation. These kids do need to be locked up but you are giving them way to much credit in my opinion.


Wonder if it would have been considered a prank or joke if one was killed by the clerk protecting herself?

Throw the book at them. It might save their lives down the road.


They really do need to give them the max. What if their was someone who had a real gun and wanted to take the law into their own hands theses little dumda$$ could of been killed. How the hell they going to rob them from the outside anyway? To much TV.

Common Sense

Do you suppose that someone will state that this is an incident of "boys being boys"? In the recent past of this city, juveniles who committed a crime were supported in a news editorial as well as by their parents. Will this be a similar situation?
Perhaps, it is time to consider charging the parents along with their children for "pranks" that are actual acts of crime.


Sense you have no common sense read the article the one of the kids mom and dad helped the police identify the other.


Send them to scared strait


Only if they take them to cleveland. If they go to the Erie county jail I'm sure they will know some of the inmates and probably won't take it serious. I agree they should have a program like scared straight have these kids can't take it without their friends.

No Wake

Where is the Scared Strait? Is it near the Spooky Narrows or the Creepy Channel?


santown419, just last week Burger King in Bellevue was robbed from the drive-thru, maybe they were hoping the clerk was as ignorant as the one from BK.


Maybe anybody that's has ever been to circle k at night know better. Its funny and sad at the same time that these little dumba$$ could be that stupid. But you are right. I'm glad they were caught and didn't succeed.


Another group of misguided youth. At least one of them has parents who have enough morals to turn them in! Maybe there is some hope???