Teachers forego raises thru 2016

EHOVE Career Center teachers agreed to forego base salary increases this year, the first time in at least 25 years the career-technical school has implemented such a cost-saving measure.
Alissa Widman Neese
Oct 17, 2013


At a meeting this past week, board members approved a threeyear contract between EHOVE Career Center’s administrators and its teachers union, effective from the current school year until July 31, 2016.

The contract’s major changes include base salary freezes for all teaching employees.    It also includes a new insurance plan with a 1 percent increase in insurance costs each year, but an overall cost savings, as the current plan’s costs would have increased in 2016.

The contract’s salary freezes will likely save the district about $351,500 each year, treasurer Larry Hanneman said. The district’s budget is about $13.5 million. It’s projected to finish the current school year with an $8,000 surplus and $4.75 million in reserve cash.

“Our teachers recognized a lot of our colleagues in the area are taking freezes and they’re also being cognizant of what’s happened to many districts financially,” Hanneman said. “We do have some carryover, but that can be gone in a heartbeat. We’re pleased the teachers are looking at the long-term benefits and health of our district.”

In his 26 years with the district, Hanneman said he’s never recalled teachers agreeing to give up base pay increases.

“I’m proud to lead the EHOVE teaching staff,” said James Linder, EHOVE teachers union president. “They’ve proven their commitment to EHOVE and the community with their vote. They give of themselves every single day to ensure our students’ individual success.”

The career-technical center employs 59 teachers, with most working full time and a few working part time.



The best teachers in the area work at EHOVE.


I would add the words "some of", but yes, agreed! Even for college-bound students! EHOVE is very under appreciated, especially for those that still think about it as it was 20 years ago.


Maybe Perkins and Huron school employees should take note of how schools should go about their business. I bet there is now a better chance of the Ehove levy passing than either of the other two.

And don't forget Huron voters, this levy RENEWAL is the one the school district blackmailed you into passing years ago when the district was in financial distress. VOTE NO in Perkins and Huron because of the incompetent leadership!!!


Um, Huron was a mess a few years ago when they had to make so many cuts. Thank God the levies have passed since then. We still haven't fully recovered in terms of the offerings.
Vote YES for Huron! Do not punish teachers, staff, and kids for Fox's misdeeds!


Fox brought the district out of financial difficulty, whereas SOME of the teachers, administrators, and BOE members are complete hypocrites and speak out of both sides of their mouth. Once again, THIS renewal is the one that the district officials black-mailed the residents into passing back in 2008. VOTE NO!!!!!!!!


No, Fox did not bring the district out. He had nothing to do with it. It was the Huron WINS committee and the taxpayers. Fox took a raise right after the levy was passed, even though everyone else took a freeze.