Perfect attendance = free car

EHOVE Career Center will raffle off a free car at 1 p.m. Friday to one student who has obtained perfect attendance during the current school year.
May 8, 2014


A total of 58 junior and senior students earned the honor this year, which includes no days absent, no tardies and no suspensions.

In addition to the car raffle, students also have the opportunity to earn smaller prizes, including iPods, an iPad, a television, gift cards and more. Each student will win a prize, but the final student remaining in the drawing will win the car.

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Ten senior students with perfect attendance during both of their years at EHOVE Career Center are pictured, from left: front row — Matthew Bradley, Perkins; Jasmine Ellison, Western Reserve; Morgan Grimes, Norwalk; Melinda Capucini, Perkins; Akil Pearson, Perkins; back row — Ben Langan, Huron; John Osborne, New London; Adam Cervelli, Norwalk; Clement Scheid, Bellevue; Ben Daneker, Edison.



These donated or taxpayer funded gifts?