Folger gets 1-year deal for $110k

New Norwalk superintendent got job before he applied for it
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 23, 2014

A new, controversial hire at Norwalk Schools is set to net $110,000 at the end of a one-year stint as interim superintendent.

Will Folger, of Huron, did not apply for his new position until after he received it, according to an application, contract and résumé the Register obtained last week through a public records request.

Folger boasts 40 years of experience in education.

Most recently, he was superintendent of Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools, and he has also worked as a Huron Schools administrator and teacher.

Folger's application for Norwalk Schools is dated Aug. 11 — nearly two weeks after July 29, the day a split school board voted 3-2 to hire him for one year.

Sue Goodsite, a longtime Norwalk Schools administrator, alleges board president John Lendrum initially offered her the job before hiring Folger a few days later.

The news has sparked outrage among many Norwalk residents.

Board members Steve Linder and Ralph Ritzenthaler voted against Folger's hire, and have echoed Goodsite's sentiments and voiced concerns at school board meetings.

In particular, Linder noted a discrepancy from board member Kevin Cashen, who criticized Goodsite for emailing her application instead of submitting it to North Point Educational Service Center, which assisted the district's search.

In a June 16 email, Cashen told Goodsite "it does matter where the application comes from," and "the process must be the same for all candidates."

He, board president John Lendrum and board member Rob Ludwig then voted in favor of hiring Folger, who never submitted an application for the job.

Outgoing superintendent Dennis Doughty, who is now president of Norwalk Catholic School, provided board members with Folger's résumé and recommended him for the position.

A copy of Folger's application, contract and résumé are available below.

Click here to read the emails board members exchanged regarding the Norwalk Schools superintendent search, as well as a story about them.


Folger's contract with Norwalk Schools

•Superintendent job is effective Aug. 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015.

•$110,000 annual salary.

•Up to 20 days vacation.

•Up to 15 sick days.

•Reimbursement for travel expenses.

•Reimbursement for cell phone payments.

•Reimbursement for attending professional meetings.

•Reimbursement for an annual physical.

•Reimbursement for membership in one professional organization and one community service organization.

Source: Norwalk Schools



So the Board hired a man under shady circumstances who has retired as a superintendent collecting is a state pension to allow him to double dip over a woman who was looking to advance her career. Good old boy system strikes again.

just observing

Elesbeth, isn't Goodsite also double dipping, and remains employed with Norwalk, seems she is part of the good old girl system?


Firstly, I'm not Elesbeth. However if Goodsite is a retire and rehire as an administrator at Norwalk and therefore double dipping; then I would agree with you that it is poor policy and the system needs to clean house starting withe the Board of Ed.


Ms. Neese, I suggest you get your financial terms straight. In the first paragraph you state that the new hire is going to net $110,000. Actually he is going to gross that amount and net a substantially lower amount when health care, unemployment insurance, Social Security and Federal, State and local taxes are deducted.


Superintendents and principals typically get a "double pick up" on health insurance, meaning the entire cost is paid by the BOE. The same is true for STRS payments, although since this is a retire/rehire situation the BOE likely will not have to pay for his retirement since he is presently drawing it. I suspect that with his salary and retirement without the health insurance encumbrance (if that is indeed the case) he will be able to make ends meet.


The board will still have to pay into his STRS retirement. The STRS will then be put into an annuity which he can again begin collecting or withdraw when he retires again.


lol. Ya think?

Erie County Resident

Is the part of Norwalks school board that slide this thru part of Put-In-Bay, Ottawa county prosecutors office, or Huron school board?
They sure seem to do business in the same style.

Tsu Dho Nimh

It is disturbing.


This is VERY shady! Wow! Shame on the BOE!


Doughty provided the board with Folger's resume and recommended him for the position...What business did Doughty have in the recommendation. He had already retired and was not part of the school system.

How can Cashen vote for Folger after he told Dr. Goodsite that the process had to be the same for all applicants. Also how can an application be dated Aug 11 and yet hired on July 29.

These 3 should be recalled. Let me know if and where the petitions come up. I hope the public has a good memory for the election of 2015. If Lendrum runs again I'll be voting for whomever runs against him. They have to have more integrity and honesty.

Whiskey Tango F...

We're really really really sorry! Now we need to build a super huge athletic complex, and we'll need a new levy to maintain, heat, light, and operate all of this, so.... Can we convince you to forfeit more of your money!


Not surprised by Cashens behavior...why was he let go at his university position again?


I seem to remember that dennis doughty is from huron, so perhaps they were/are friends.


Will Folger is an outstanding administrator and Norwalk is lucky to have him. Always some "sour grapes".

Tsu Dho Nimh

I agree with you. However, the BOE should have handled the process in a consistent manner.


heycaptain...You just don't get it. No-one is questioning the ability of Dr. Folger. The issue is the way in which he was hired.

His application was dated Aug 11 yet he was hired on July 29. This is a misuse of public funds. Tell me where else I can find a job that will hire me and have me fill out my application 2 weeks later. The board did not have any references and no background check.

Without a background check in hand, it is clearly a violation of state law.

Evidently you are either a resident of huron or a relative or friend of Dr. Folger.


I would agree with you. Its nothing to do with Dr Folger's abilities and probably is quite honestly this whole thing is news to him. The problem rests with the 3 on the BOE who did this. I think you just have to let the three know quite clearly there is a very good possiblity they will be voted out of office and to do that "right now" you have to recruit three very good candidates that will run against them if they do try and run for reelection.

Send a message clear to these three you screw up and you are out at the next election.


Please read the following link from the other article re. NCS Superintendent about Sue Goodsite

Something smells VERY FISHY!