Blue Streaks rally for support

First campaign meeting this week
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 23, 2014

Sandusky Schools has assembled an impressive roster of supporters to prep voters for the polls in November.

A handful of community activists, alumni and district stakeholders recently rallied to form the core of the district's bond issue campaign committee.

Even so, there's still room to grow.

On Tuesday, Sandusky Schools officials will host their first campaign meeting of the year, where they hope to gather volunteers to promote the district's bond issue on the Nov. 4 ballot.

If approved, the 3.98-mill, 34-year bond issue would fund the largest building project in Sandusky Schools history.

The first gathering to discuss the measure, called "Building Better Dreams," will be 6-7 p.m. Tuesday in Room 300 of Sandusky High School. Anyone can attend.

Subsequent committee meetings will take place at the same time and location every Tuesday.

On this week's agenda: organize a campaign strategy, assign sub-committees and develop goals, while also considering ways to encourage other community members to participate.

Campaign leaders will also introduce themselves to the group.

"I'm looking forward to engaging citizens throughout the community," district superintendent Eugene Sanders said. "We will embrace this historic opportunity to provide quality and transformational educational opportunities for our students for generations to come."


Sandusky Schools bond issue campaign leaders

•Mary Aaron — 1974 Sandusky High School graduate, Erie County Job and Family Services administrator, band and choir program volunteer.

•Judy Corso — 1965 Sandusky High School graduate, 16-year school board member, community activist.

•Jim Hart — 1969 Sandusky High School graduate, 16-year school board member.

•Craig Hofer — Loris Printing chief executive officer, Blue Streak Booster Club and Band Parents Association member.

•Gene Kidwell — former Sandusky Schools teacher, high school principal, legendary football coach and school board member.


Sandusky Schools bond issue

•If approved, would generate $30 million for a building project costing $58 million total. The proposal would construct two new elementary school buildings, demolish two existing buildings and renovate science labs at Sandusky High School.

•3.98-mill, 34-year bond issue.

•Would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $139 in additional taxes per year.

•Construction would begin next summer.



VOTE NO on all new taxes they have enough.


@Sugar - have you ever given thought to maybe by improving local school districts so they have money to properly train our future workforce would make this area more attractive to prospective employers? Not saying your opinion on taxes is wrong, just asking to think about what I'm saying.


How many millions are taxpayers going to give to public schools for improvements with no better outcomes? New buildings with snazzy tech upgrades does not turn out well prepared students. Look at SCCS, much better outcomes with far less money.
There have been other comments as to how other tax increases have been wasted. It's not the buildings or the books or the tech holding these students back it's the cuture and climate of public schools. Until something changes there VOTE NO'

Florence Nightingale

Sugar pretty much just says no to all taxes, from what I've seen on here.


I say no to all new taxes. Let's see I don't know about you but I pay, city, (sometimes 2 cities) state, Fed, Medicare, FICA, property, retail, licenses, titles, capital gains, fees, and various fines. I have no way of not paying those taxes, the goverent will come after me, seize my property, garnish my wages.
I have repeatedly pointed out the wage and benefit disparity among public sector and private sector workers. Government has grown too large, politicians magically become wealthy a long with their buddies and lobbyists. Do you like being told what you need? Do you like big daddy government taking your hard earned dollar and redistributing as they see fit?
Just shut up and pay up Florence.

Florence Nightingale

I'm not talking about private vs. public pay, the size of government, or wealthy politicians. My point is simply that tax increases or new taxes should be considered individually on their own merits, rather than lumping them all together with an automatic no. I'm employed, a homeowner, and I hold a professional license, so I pay all those taxes you mention. I just believe that sometimes, increases are justified.


If your not equating pay, politicians or wealth with taxes than you do not understand how government functions. Again: gov has no money, what money it has it takes from tax payers, it produces nothing. It mismanages what money it does take from taxpayers. It deserves no more money until it stops mismanaging and rewarding itself and it's cronies. Get it now?


Sugar has a point. Look at all the money spent on the football stadium and football field and then look at the results. Money spent does not correlate with success. We have successful students and the critical factor in over 90% of the cases is the support they get at home.

Florence Nightingale

Oh my goodness, you are missing my point entirely. It's no use. Have a nice day.


I get your point Florence.