Huron Schools seeking feedback on drug testing

"If you're going to drug test the kids, drug test the teachers, and drug test anyone who walks into the building"
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 20, 2014

Huron Schools officials continue to explore possibly drug testing students as early as next year.

They're lacking feedback, however, from key constituents: district parents, as well as other taxpayers and community stakeholders.

Less than five people attended a Tuesday evening school board meeting, the board's first gathering since announcing in July that officials were considering randomly drug testing the student body.

Only one woman spoke about the topic, which she opposed.

"If you're going to drug test the kids, drug test the teachers, and drug test anyone who walks into the building," she told board members Tuesday. 

This past spring, Huron Schools formed a task force to discuss possibly partnering with Sport Safe Testing Service Inc. to obtain its drug testing services.

The concept is still in its infancy, however, and the earliest it could be implemented is likely the start of the 2015-16 school year, district superintendent Dennis Muratori said Tuesday.

The task force must first determine how many students, as well as which student privileges — participating in sports or extracurricular activities, securing a parking pass or others — would require testing.

"No decisions have been made," Muratori said. "First, we want to continue engaging the public for their input."

Within the past month, board members submitted a list of questions about student drug testing to the district's task force, and its members will continue updating board members with information, Muratori said.

The Register has requested a copy of the list of questions board members asked the task force, which is a public record.


Want to discuss drug testing?

The next Huron school board meeting is 6 p.m. Sept. 16 in the board of education conference room at Shawnee Elementary School, 712 Cleveland Road East, Huron.

Additionally, anyone can submit emailed questions to district superintendent Dennis Muratori at






You got that right. I do agree, however, that if this does commence, then staff and anyone else that walks in the building should be tested randomly, also.


Annual pee tests for EVERYONE: School board members, administrators, teachers, staff, students, et. al.

Come on public bureaucrats; set an example for the youth and grab a specimen cup!


I don't think so.

Your neighbor

Are you serious?? Have you come out of your houses lately?? In case you haven't heard it's called HEROIN, why would you NOT want the school kids tested? Yes teacher's should be tested no matter what, but h^ll yes on the kids to. Catch it while they are young so it can be dealt with. I am not from Huron but I am from a neighboring town and I hope they do this at our school and if you care anything about the kids you better stand up while you can. I cannot believe all the heroin going around that practicality nobody showed up for the meeting. Get your head out of the sand and pay attention what is going on outside!!!


Thanks Neighbor. I am serious. I come out of my house every day. I have heard of heroin. No problem with testing school kids. Have the kids parents test the kids. It is not the responsibility of the school to catch druggies. Seems like many people want the schools to do more and more that is not teaching the subject matter. Feed em, drug test em, clothe them properly. I would think the parents, at least most of them, would want to know about what their kids are doing. I was surprised about the parents not showing up too. There is no sand where I live. I have been around the block in my life. I just happen to disagree with your method of finding druggies. Now, I am OK with educating the school staff on what to look for in a drug user. I know what to look for as I have been educated in that. If there is a suspected student who may be using, then refer them to a counselor and the drug testing. You do that, you will need a parent's or guardian's permission. How's that for a process?
Respectfully submitted,
Mr. Head in the Sand


@yourneighbor - Hey Chicken Little, INVASION OF PRIVACY. You probably want all drivers to blow into a car breathalyzers before they turn on an ignition switch ... Don't you KNOW HOW SERIOUS IT IS? How about all phones have to be made so they are automatically turned off in the car; don't you KNOW HOW SERIOUS texting and driving is? How about what people do in their homes? Screw the 4th amendment; let's have random checks just to be sure you're not doing something you're not supposed to. Get your head out of the sand and pay attention what is going on!


Annual pee tests for EVERYONE: School board members, administrators, teachers, staff, priests, students, judges, Substance abuse counselors, pharmacists, cops, prosecutors, drug testers, accountants, doctors, clinical social workers, financial managers, lawyers, lollypopmakers, CEOs, science deniers, real estate agents, bridge inspectors, opticians, engineers, civil engineers, jailers, exterminators, software developers, information security analysts, phlebotomists, insurance agents, teabaggers, veterinarians, nutritionists, popes, nail technicians, messiahs, bill collectors, nuns, financial advisors, et. al.

Come on public bureaucrats; set an example for the youth and grab a specimen cup!


Just do a driver's license renewal pee test and catch most of the above and MORE.


100 percent DISAGREE. INVASION OF PRIVACY. And if the blacks have more positive tests than the whites ... all hell will break loose (not saying they will, just bringing up a point). And who will administer such test? How many products will be made to alter such tests? How many attorneys will spring up to challenge the results of such tests? Yeah ... just what I want; more government intrusion. Sounds like a winner.


Re: "100 percent DISAGREE."

We're in agreement. I'm being factious.

Always like how the high level public bureaucrats want to give pee tests to everyone but themselves.

H*ll, the Clinton admin. had trouble with some of their appointees gaining security clearance 'cause they couldn't pass the FBI drug & lie detector tests.

Wanna bet the Obama admin. didn't have similar issues? Give the POTUS a pee test. :)


Well, I was rather surprised at your comment! Sorry I didn't see that you were joking :)


Don't forget the president, all members of congress, secretaries, judges, AGs, vice president, presidential cabinet, the first lady, every government official and employee down to the spider-eating rat, FEMA, sheriffs, sheriff deputies, Mike DeWhine, Ric Lampela, Scarpelli, farmer Brown, Joe the Plumber, city commissioners, plumbers, car salesmen, librarians, girl scouts, renters, rentees, boy scouts, assistants to assistants...


It's a good idea but if won't work.
A. Will they truly be random?
That is why I think they won't work. It will cause more conflict than it will solve.
If there is suspicion of students getting high a phone call to the parents should be all the school should do. Leave it to the parents to decide how to handle it from there.

Good 2 B Me

Hard call. IF....IF they do any testing, NO ONE should be excluded. Staff, Superintendent, everyone...not just the kids. First thing is to adopt an action plan in the event of positive tests. The Adults and Kids need to be dealt with fairly and equally, no descrimination. "Random" testing is never random, so there has to be a specific plan to test. This entire process is going to be difficult, but it can work.


This will provide jobs for a lot of people. Let do the stupid idea just so more jobs can be created.

From the Grave

Less than 5, like, 4?


exactly my thought! who writes this stuff? children?


Anyone who is against this ought to have their head examined.

This only means one thing you're for your kids and other people's kids coming to school high.

Must be some more liberal crap.


You live in a little tiny world if that is your conclusion. I must be for drunk driving because i don't think we should have all cars installed with car breathlyzers. I must be for stealing since I don't think we can just go into a suspect's house without a warrant. Hey, I have an idea. Let's do random house testing ... you know, just to be sure you're not housing a meth lab. You know, it's a big problem. Let's start with your house. You're okay with that, right? To be against the idea, only means one thing. You're good with meth labs in the city.


Here is an odd thought....don't do drugs. Then no worries about pee'ing in a cup. I understand that it is a parents job. Not something for a school to do. But drugs are running rampant in schools these days. And a LOT of parents are completely BLIND to it. Many have no clue as to what kids are doing or what to look for. A better option might be to educate the parents.

From the Grave

Bunch of fucjking fascists.

From the Grave

If you're not doing drugs, then there is no reason for you to be tested. Those who have a history of documented drug use should be submitted to regular testing. And if you miss some drug using students...oh well. Random drug testing goes against everything this country was founded on, and is a step away from freedom. Just because my neighbors smoke pot doesn't mean it's in any way okay for the police to kick MY door in and search my home. This kind of mentality is KILLING AMERICA.


AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THAT MY FRIEND is the ENTIRE POINT.


Since schools are public, let the public vote on it. After all, it is their tax dollars keeping school doors open.