Sandusky Schools gaining students

Enrollment grows for second year in a row
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 19, 2014

Sandusky Schools kicked off the 2014-15 school year Monday with exciting news — its student body is still growing.

For the second straight year, the district is projecting a significant increase in enrollment, according to figures released at a Monday school board meeting.

About 100 additional students enrolled in the district this year for a total of about 3,400 students, up from 3,301 students at the same time this past year.

The figures indicate a 3 percent enrollment increase.

"This is very exciting," school board president Tom Patterson said. "There is no stronger vote of confidence than for parents and students to select our schools as educational institutions of choice."

Until this past school year, enrollment at Sandusky Schools was on a downward spiral, decreasing by more than 1,200 students overall in a 13-year span.

In the 2012-13 school year, enrollment bottomed out at about 3,080 students.

In a Monday news release, superintendent Eugene Sanders attributed the second year of growing numbers to several key factors district-wide:

•Embracing a culture of customer service.

•Forming a Retention and Recruitment Committee to encourage parent and student feedback.

•Hosting a Parent Summit.

•Implementing the district's Transformation Plan.

In addition, board member Kate Vargo cited the district's strong academic programs as another key recruitment tool.

"We want to continue our retention and recruitment efforts, and look forward to continued growth," Sanders said.

Sandusky Schools will submit its official enrollment numbers to the Ohio Department of Education the first week of October, and the figure released Monday is expected to slightly increase, Sanders said.


Community meetings planned

As enrollment at Sandusky Schools continues to increase, officials agree feedback is key.

They plan to host a series of community meetings this fall regarding the district's Transformation Plan and proposed bond issue, and they're encouraging everyone to attend.

The district is proposing a 3.94-mill, 37-year bond issue on the Nov. 4 ballot to fund two new school buildings and other district improvements.

The first meeting will be Sept. 3 at Hancock Elementary School, Sanders said.

A complete list of community meetings will be available later this week, and meetings will likely take place at each of the district's school buildings, as well as other public venues, he said.



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Kids from low income families in EVERY DISTRICT already receive free breakfasts and lunches. That has not changed. I don't understand why all of Sandusky now has free breakfasts and lunches, but this change only affects families whose incomes were previously too high to qualify for free or reduced lunches.


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I was not a welfare mom but my kids attended the Sandusky Schools and now my granddaughter who is 4 is in Sandusky City School. I think its a good system and I think people are getting the wrong image of it. I'm ok with the breakfast and lunch program because it will benefit alot of children, not only low income. At least they dont have to rush in the morning they can get to school and have a good meal. Take it easy on people. You dont know their circumstances. Yes some do abuse the system but lets not make it sound like it's everyone.


Right! That is their intent. Horrible is an understatement.


It never fails to amaze me the hateful comments that people write about anyone living in Sandusky or attending Sandusky schools.. Anyone who thinks that Sandusky families are all or even mostly the way others have described above are just hateful people spreading lies. The fact is that there are many great families who CHOOSE to live in Sandusky and CHOOSE Sandusky schools over other area districts.

My husband and I both have college degrees, and elected to move to this area and settle in Sandusky. We selected SCS after visiting most of the other districts in the area. The other districts I'm sure are excellent, as well, but NONE could provide my children with a better education than SCS, and this has proven true as the years have gone by. Even before the opening of the full time gifted academy, Sandusky provided specialized services from Kindergarten for my child (other districts wouldn't even test until 2nd grade at the time).

And for my other child, who tests above average but below gifted, all of her teachers have happily adjusted her curriculum (and others in her regular classes) to meet her needs.

Sandusky has excellent teachers and staff, well supplied classrooms and technology, and rigorous education. Not only that, the vast majority of students are kind, helpful, and working hard - just like in any other school district. And the vast majority of parents are working hard as well and doing their best to raise their children.

Sandusky has worked hard to bring forth a plan for coming years which will educate their students and train them so they are ready for college or careers when they graduate high school. Having a goal of not just a high school diploma, but training to either go to college or start working in a skilled profession right after high school is commendable.


Wow. You are college educated, you claim to be active in your school system that you love, but you "don't understand why all of Sandusky has free lunches and breakfasts".

Sandusky Schools qualified for the free breakfast and lunch programs this year through a recently implemented "community eligibility provision," which aims to help high-poverty areas provide healthy, wholesome meals to students.

The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) provides an alternative approach for offering school meals to local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools in low income areas, instead of collecting individual applications for free and reduced price meals.

In other words there are so many at Sandusky Schools that apply for free lunches, the majority, that instead of going through each individual application, the school filled out one app for the whole school.

No one on here ever said a negative word about the education you get, the teachers or the curriculum of the school. So save your breath bragging on and on about your own kids intelligence.

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Slightly off topic, but a parent doesn't have to wait until second grade to have their child tested in any district. They simply have to make an official request.