Students qualify for free meals

USDA approves Sandusky Schools for school lunch and breakfast programs
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 16, 2014

Sandusky Schools can dole out free breakfasts and lunches to all its students this school year.

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the district for its National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs, according to a news release emailed Friday.

The free program officially begins Monday, the first day of the 2014-15 school year.

"This is wonderful news for our parents and families," school board president Tom Patterson said. "It will allow students to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch and it is certainly an economic advantage."

Families do not need to fill out any paperwork or register to participate in the program.

Additionally, students can continue to bring packed lunches, or pay for a la carte lunches or salad bar, if they do not want the free traditional meal.

"All of our options are still available for students," superintendent Eugene Sanders said.

Sandusky Schools qualified for the free breakfast and lunch programs this year through a recently implemented "community eligibility provision," which aims to help high-poverty areas provide healthy, wholesome meals to students.

If a majority of its students meet income eligibility requirements, a district is eligible to apply.

Although Sandusky Schools students will no longer pay for their meals during the school day, the program is not expected to negatively impact the district's budget, Sanders said.

Rather, participating in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's programs will help the district qualify for additional federal grant funding in the future, he said.

"We were assured it will be a win-win for everyone involved," Sanders said. "I'm pleased to see members of our team seeking out options that provide this kind of advantage to our students and parents."


Want to give feedback?

Sandusky Schools officials have placed surveys and suggestion boxes in all school buildings for feedback regarding the new free breakfast and lunch programs.

Additionally, anyone can email questions or comments directly to district superintendent Eugene Sanders at



"This is wonderful news for our parents and families," school board president Tom Patterson

It is?? What is so wonderful about living in a city that is so poor parents can't feed their kids?


I was thinking the same thing...

From the Grave

I think food should be free for EVERYONE in the grocery store anyway. NOBODY should ever go hungry anywhere.


And they want the same parents who already can't afford to feed their kids to pass a school levy for money to build new schools?? Someone help me understand this??


Exactly my thoughts! If we qualify for such a program based on poverty, where the he** does this school board think all these impoverished parents will get that "pennies per week" to build a new building?
Has everyone lost their minds? Once again the Dept of Agriculture has no money, it produces nothing, it earns nothing, it's income is from TAXES. Those who pay taxes are providing the funds, it's nothing but a redistribution program. It falls on the shoulders of the middle income earners. 1% 's pay little "regular" taxes and 47% pY nothing. Yes this is wonderful!'!!!!


You're missing an important point-- most parents with children in Sandusky are renting. So, the parents with children that go to SCS are too poor to afford $53 a month for each child, yet they're egged on at the polls to vote 'yes' to a huge issue like the one coming up. The PARENTS are not paying property taxes, therefore, of course they're going to vote yes. That is exactly why this happens.


Their landlord will pay taxes with the rent collected.

The Big Dog's back



Most of them are subsidized with section 8, we pay again.


sugar brings up a valid point here.


Sugar dumplin with a valid point?? Not!


@knowitall - Listen, I have a "poor family" next door to me. I don't have to read the news because I see it with my own two eyes. She has HUD pay her $700 rent payment. She doesn't pay for her utilities. She has food stamps. She is able-bodied and sits on her butt watching DirectTV all day. How do I know? Because the same week I had my DirectTV taken OUT so I could cut costs, she had her DirectTV put in. Swear to bob. Unbelievable. Her trash piles up because she doesn't pay the bill. And I just saw her car parked in her backyard yesterday, probably because she didn't pay that bill. Yet, I see her talking on her cell phone, because somehow that bill got paid. THIS IS MADNESS. PERIOD. When people who don't work live as well as the people who do work, tell me, why work?


With rent money that is increasingly subsidized by the taxpayer.


Yep!!!! These people have NO SKIN in the game. Not only are the renters with their houses ... they are renters in life. Never invested.

From the Grave

You are making a huge assumption that these "renters" are actually registered to vote, and then even bother to vote if they ARE registered.


Wonderful news??? Not for me as I have to pay for what others are too lazy to provide. Another unearned undeserved program in the land of the takers!! I hope it's not on the Michelle Obozo plan or it will be just thrown in the garbage with the rest of the turnips. What a country!! How about providing free meals for the seniors and I don't mean seniors in high school. What did we do before all these welfare programs?


Minimum wage earners live in poverty. They are not lazy. Minimum wsge jobs are a plenty in this county.


It's not the students fault their parents are too lazy to provide.


This is just another hook into the mouths of children from the welfare system! Teach them young to look to uncle sugar for a free handout. Ghetto ghetto ghetto!


No, if this encourages one more misguided youth to go to school, it is well worth it.


I echo the what the others here have to say. This isn't a "free" program. SOMEbody is paying for it, and guess who that somebody is? That's right: Those of us who actually WORK for a living!

Too many taxpayers are already tapped out. Too many people are already getting too many giveaways. What's the ultimate goal here, to make EVERYbody dependent on government? If that is, indeed, the "prize," the end game is obviously well underway!

The Big Dog's back

The goal is is to get companies to pay a living wage so they don't need assistance.


I wish it were true Big Dog, but globalization killed any chance of good paying jobs that don't have an advanced skill set. This goes back to the 1970's when the petro dollar was created. The only way the rest of the world can buy oil is to pay their workers crap wages and import their cheap junk to us. We will never be able to compete on the world platform on menial jobs ever again, thank you Mr Nixon. Even today with all that is going on in the world our leaders are still defending the petro dollar in Iraq, Iran and Syria. Why is Ghadafi dead, look up what he was alternative payment method of oil that did not include the US Dollar.


@bigdog - you really have no clue to what you're saying. You know ZERO about economics or running a business. You just parrot things that look all shiny from the outside without EVER bothering to open the thing up and see if it actually works. If it is so easy starting a business, getting customers, complying with the library of laws we have ... why don't you do it? Yep. Quit pulling out your stereotypes of big companies and golden-parachuted CEOs, and talk about the other 80% of businesses (small business). Start your own business and hire people at a living wage. If you are INCAPABLE of staring your own business, then why do you feel the need to tell other business owners what they need to pay employees? "A living wage" will just cause more unemployment. Get some education. Try harder. Spend the time you waste watching TV learning about a trade that is in demand. Quit sucking off everyone who tries to start a company and then wonder why there are fewer of them.


I couldn't agree more. I love it when some politician tells me that I am getting "free" money. Is he going to grant me a waiver on paying federal and state income taxes? If not, all that is happening is that I am sending a lot of money to Washington or Columbus so that some "benevolent" politicians can send a few pennies back - for which I am supposed to be eternally grateful. What a racket.


I am both sides of the fence. This program is being used by many schools, especially up around Lorain and cleveland. This is an America issue and I will not fault the CHILDREN but as a taxpayer, at least I know my middle class wages is being used in the schools and for the good of children.


Its both the Demtards and Retards! Both parties are corrupt and there is no one who can stop them!!!


It's really not hard to understand. Sandusky is FULL of renters, who can vote for a levy and devoid of homeowners who pay for the levy!!!


Rent is an income which would go towards paying city taxes.


Yes it is. Landlords don't "eat" the tax, they pass it on. That is the capitalistic thing to do.