Denny Faber returns

Sandusky Central Catholic Schools reverses course; rehires longtime athletic director
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 30, 2014

Sandusky Central Catholic School has reversed course on the controversial firing of its longtime athletic director.

Denny Faber, a 31-year employee, has regained his job for the 2014-15 school year, according to a statement school spokeswoman Emily Kasper emailed the Register on Monday.

His one-year contract is effective Aug. 1 to June 30, 2015.

He will serve alongside new hire Ryan Wikel as co-athletic director and will retire in 2015, after training Wikel as his successor, according to the statement.

"The school is grateful to Mr. Faber for his willingness to provide training for his successor and grateful to the benefactors who have made this possible," according to the statement, which Kasper said is from school vicar, the Rev. Michael Roemmele. 

The arrangement echoes Faber's hopes for the position, which he told the Register earlier this month.

In January, Sandusky Central Catholic School first explained out this plan to Faber, according to the school's Monday statement. But months later, projections of a "meaningful budgetary shortfall" kept school officials from offering him a one-year contract for the upcoming school year.  

Since then, a "small group of generous benefactors" contributed funds to assist with Faber's return, Kasper said Tuesday.

School board president Tamara Humphrey told the Register earlier this month the board doesn't comment on any decisions involving personnel, but Kasper's responses Monday provided some insight.

In April, school board members learned subsidies from Sandusky's three Catholic parishes are projected to decline, Kasper said.

Although funds from the school's education foundation are projected to increase, it didn't appear they'd offset the deficit, requiring changes to the school budget.

After discussing their options with administrators, school board members decided in May to not renew Faber's one-year contract for another year, among other cost-saving measures, she said.

Sandusky Central Catholic School awards all its employees one-year contracts each year.

"It became necessary to take steps to ensure that the school could operate within its budgetary constraints now and into the future," Kasper said. "Based on the budgetary realities, it was determined that it was necessary to accelerate the planned transition and eliminate the athletic director position."

The statement Kasper provided did not include specific dollar amounts.

Monday's unanticipated statement comes just a day after members of Sandusky's three Catholic parishes elected two new school board members and a pastor appointed a third member. Board members will soon choose new officers, including president.

Additionally, it's been three weeks since Faber, a 1967 St. Mary's High School graduate, first spoke with the Register about losing his job

Faber contended the decision, which the school called a "non-renewal," was an unjust firing prompted by ill-intentioned school board members. He also attributed the school board to other controversial decisions occurring this past school year.

He spoke out because he was fearful for his alma mater's future, and he cares deeply about the school, he said July 8.

When contacted Tuesday, Faber said he's pleased to return for his final year at Sandusky Central Catholic School, and kept conversation brief.

He'll likely return to the office Monday, and he has a lot of catching up to do, he said.

"This is all I wanted to do, and it's the way we originally set it up," Faber said. "I'm very thankful for the people who supported me. I certainly look forward to getting back at it."

Note: Because Sandusky Central Catholic School is a private school and not funded by tax dollars, it is not required to release any documents or financial information to the Register.




I am sorry you did not feel wanted. What was it that happened that has you feeling this way? You do seem pretty bitter.


Not wanted? REALLY? Good one. To answer your question: PLENTY, and NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!


Ok. That is fair. Good luck on dealing with your anger.


Welcome back Mr. Faber!


I was thrilled when they consolidated the 3 parish schools into 1. I was able to see first hand the hypocrisy that is SMCC and I got my children out of that environment. Best thing I ever did!


DING, DING, DING. We have another winner!!! Your prize...sanity, intelligence, and removal of those rose-colored glasses worn by the CLUELESS supporters.

God Of Thunder

I am in the same boat with you I.. When i pulled my daughter out of there and put her in public schools, it was the best thing ever. it resulted in her making SOOOOO many more friends and not being stuck in little 'clicks' and she ended up graduating 2nd in her class of more than 5 times the kids that SMCC has so all of you naysayers of public schools, eat crow and stew on that... Any counteractive response from that will yield a "YAWN' from me.. Just goes to show how the brainwashing of the whole system still has it's hold on Faber..


Well God bless ya!


Alissa, I doubt they'll give you the information, but it would be interesting to know if you could find out what Prince Denny's salary (excuse me...DONATION) is for the upcoming school year, and then compare it to the amount of pay cuts the teachers received. I'm sure several people, ESPECIALLY THE TEACHERS, would appreciate that response.

Instead of giving that "donated" money to someone who DID NOT have their contract renewed, it would have probably been a more intelligent decision to give it to the employees who actually do their job properly. You know, those teachers who have been there for several years, do their job well, HAD THEIR CONTRACTS RENEWED, and were rewarded for their service by receiving a HUGE pay cut.

But intelligent decisions are obviously few and far between at that place. STAY CLUELESS SMCC!!!!!

The new SMCC motto should be: "ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL."


I know the salary but am not going to tell you. Lol

God Of Thunder

the Register needs 'like' buttons here...


Well, let's improvise. Here is an "unlike" to your comments.


First of all, don't you mean dislike? Anyway...what exactly do you "unlike" about it?

Is it because it's the truth and your rose-colored glasses are now becoming a little foggy? Or is it because you can't accept the truth? Or is it because you don't want to admit that I'm right?

Finally, if you are friends with Prince Denny, please pass along my comments. He deserves to read them.


Ya Wally. I meant dislike. Lol. You say you are always right and I believe you. Pardon my questioning anything you might say.


You're NOT excused.


I dislike or unlike that statement. Lol.


I enjoy your sarcasm and I find it amusing that you ALWAYS have to have the last word. So make your reply and have a nice day.


Sorry I am late with the last word. Last word!


Just read this and believe that this is very appropriate with this post "I am the greatest fan of positive behavior and kindness to all people. But the reality is...mean people get away with bad behavior and we foolishly think our kindness will change their behavior. I now walk away from rude or unkind people...they are not my monkeys...not my circus and they are the only ones who have the power to change their bad behavior."

God Of Thunder

Ummmm...OK....Bye then..


G.O.T. it's just another "holier than thou" person (and likely SMCC supporter) who is wearing the rose-colored glasses, trying to preach to us, and act as if they're better than we are.

I'm sure you're well aware, but it's a familiar refrain from that place. Since you went to a catholic school for 13 years, I'm also sure you came across several people like that during your time there. I refer to them as the "children of the corn."

God Of Thunder

Totally agree Wally. I've used that reference myself...That's funny. When a higher priest interprets the pope's ruling on divorced catholics and groups them in the same category as a member of the mafia or a notorious criminal, I take serious offense to that..


It is the human condition. Don't place the priests on that pedestal and you won't be as disappointed. Some of the comments from the clergy are contrary to Christian teachings, in my opinion. Pope Francis has his hands full. I hope he lives a long life and can show the Curia a better way.


And well you should, G.O.T. Regarding divorced catholics...

Do you also find it amusing that it's wrong to be divorced in the catholic church, but it's OK to have an annulment (because you have to PAY the church for it)? That, my friend, is another example of the hypocrisy of catholicism.

ROB PETER (divorcees wanting an annulment) TO PAY PAUL (defense attorneys for pedophile priests).


Wally....don't you think it is that way in society? And the Catholic Church is just a microcosm of society? I do. It has taken me some time to be myself and not what the church says I should be. I feel better about my relationship with the Divine Presence in the universe. Still struggling with it, but better. This is not preaching, just a little bit about how I deal with the inconsistencies.


I believe that some people in society think they are better than others, and sadly, I have to admit that I am in that group. I blame my catholic upbringing, NOT MY PARENTS (they taught me better), for that.

The people who I think I'm better than are pedophile priests, the people who covered up those crimes, and other convicted felons.

But aren't I, in reality, a better person than them because I haven't (nor would I even think about it) committed those heinous crimes or wrong doings?

Finally, I don't believe the catholic church is a microcosm of society...because, in relation to the rest of society, I believe a higher percentage of catholics (I have witnessed) act that way.


By "better than" I mean snooty. I grew up as a Protestant and was told by Catholics that I would have a harder time getting to heaven. I was also told by some Protestants that Catholics were terrible. Now, neither is correct in my opinion.
Are you, and I also, better than pedophles.......hell yes on one level. Better than heinous criminals.....hell yes on one level. People can change over their life. I have for the better. Where there is life, there is hope! Pedophles, like some priests, Jerry Sandusky, and the list can go on have done depraved things to vulnerable children. They should burn in hell, wherever that is, for their deeds. I only hope they can truly change and those they abused can truly find peace some day.
Please say the last word so I don't! :-)