Denny Faber returns

Sandusky Central Catholic Schools reverses course; rehires longtime athletic director
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 30, 2014

Sandusky Central Catholic School has reversed course on the controversial firing of its longtime athletic director.

Denny Faber, a 31-year employee, has regained his job for the 2014-15 school year, according to a statement school spokeswoman Emily Kasper emailed the Register on Monday.

His one-year contract is effective Aug. 1 to June 30, 2015.

He will serve alongside new hire Ryan Wikel as co-athletic director and will retire in 2015, after training Wikel as his successor, according to the statement.

"The school is grateful to Mr. Faber for his willingness to provide training for his successor and grateful to the benefactors who have made this possible," according to the statement, which Kasper said is from school vicar, the Rev. Michael Roemmele. 

The arrangement echoes Faber's hopes for the position, which he told the Register earlier this month.

In January, Sandusky Central Catholic School first explained out this plan to Faber, according to the school's Monday statement. But months later, projections of a "meaningful budgetary shortfall" kept school officials from offering him a one-year contract for the upcoming school year.  

Since then, a "small group of generous benefactors" contributed funds to assist with Faber's return, Kasper said Tuesday.

School board president Tamara Humphrey told the Register earlier this month the board doesn't comment on any decisions involving personnel, but Kasper's responses Monday provided some insight.

In April, school board members learned subsidies from Sandusky's three Catholic parishes are projected to decline, Kasper said.

Although funds from the school's education foundation are projected to increase, it didn't appear they'd offset the deficit, requiring changes to the school budget.

After discussing their options with administrators, school board members decided in May to not renew Faber's one-year contract for another year, among other cost-saving measures, she said.

Sandusky Central Catholic School awards all its employees one-year contracts each year.

"It became necessary to take steps to ensure that the school could operate within its budgetary constraints now and into the future," Kasper said. "Based on the budgetary realities, it was determined that it was necessary to accelerate the planned transition and eliminate the athletic director position."

The statement Kasper provided did not include specific dollar amounts.

Monday's unanticipated statement comes just a day after members of Sandusky's three Catholic parishes elected two new school board members and a pastor appointed a third member. Board members will soon choose new officers, including president.

Additionally, it's been three weeks since Faber, a 1967 St. Mary's High School graduate, first spoke with the Register about losing his job

Faber contended the decision, which the school called a "non-renewal," was an unjust firing prompted by ill-intentioned school board members. He also attributed the school board to other controversial decisions occurring this past school year.

He spoke out because he was fearful for his alma mater's future, and he cares deeply about the school, he said July 8.

When contacted Tuesday, Faber said he's pleased to return for his final year at Sandusky Central Catholic School, and kept conversation brief.

He'll likely return to the office Monday, and he has a lot of catching up to do, he said.

"This is all I wanted to do, and it's the way we originally set it up," Faber said. "I'm very thankful for the people who supported me. I certainly look forward to getting back at it."

Note: Because Sandusky Central Catholic School is a private school and not funded by tax dollars, it is not required to release any documents or financial information to the Register.




This is fantastic news! He never deserved to be fired in the first place. He's given a lot to SMCC/SCC in the many years as Athletic Director. Glad to see he will be back!


Heading in the right direction!


Wow Sugar! You and I are in agreement in this subject.


Let me get this straight...they cut teachers salaries who have dedicated 20+ years of their life to that DUMP, kidnap and blackmail a former teacher who is now suing the school, and all the other issues they have. But now they re-hire a guy who didn't get his contract renewed, which probably happened because of his incompetence. Stay clueless SMCC!!!


Speaking about who's clueless...


Emily, not sure how much you were involved with bringing Mr Faber back, but it is a step in the right direction on showing people how you treat someone who has dedicated more then 30 years to your school. Good job

knowitall are wrong about Mr. Faber. He was very competent. So, your comment is idiotic babble. It is good that he was brought back. He is a good man and well respected by his peers. However, on the other comments I do agree with the 20+ and former teacher comment.


Obviously you don't "know it all." It's my understanding that he doesn't have a cell phone, which probably makes him the only Athletic Director in the country without one. Plus, I don't know if he even knows how to turn a computer on, let alone use one. Finally, did you ever see him coach a basketball game? COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE!!!


Wally.....You crack me up. Jon Stewart would have a field day with your comments. I sure am glad to have had a chance to reply to someone as perfect as you. I guess you might be the most competent person I "know", except for maybe Jesus.


Wally, "Atheltic Director" is not a proper noun. It should be athletic director.


Indian givers.... Denny shoulda told them to shove that job where the sun don't shine and find someone else to train golden boy !


True, but there are those who do their job with class and there are those who are classless. Denny showed class and that he is an educator first. I think he demonstrated to a lot of SMCC students that the school is more important than getting even. Those same students are going to experience the same in their lives and that at times it just isn't fair.......then they will remember back to Denny and say I need to do what is best for what I believe in.

DirkDiggler's alright to let people totally disrespect you and crap all over the past 30 years you have devoted your life to.


Whatever makes the school feel better about that situation.

HS Sports Fan

Bad Move! This guys got it bad for St.Mary's. He swam out to the ship and hopped back aboard before it sinks.

From the Grave

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The Answer Person

Thanks goodness he isn't G-A-Y or he would have had the doorknob hit him where the sun don't shine. NO SOUP FOR YOU!


Funny how things still haven't changed at that place and NEVER will.

Case in point..."a 'small group of generous benefactors' contributed funds to assist with Faber's return."

As long as you send money to the school, you get anything you want. Stay clueless SMCC!!!

From the Grave

Anything~like a free pass to heaven?


So, pony up Wally. Are you ignorant of the fact that the school does not run primarily on tax dollars. Tuition and benefactors is how it is funded. Look in the mirror when you use the word "clueless". You will see who is clueless.


Trust me, I know how that place runs: the families of anyone who donates a lot of money, get special treatment. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! On a side note, I assume you must have attended SMCC and likely had the same English teachers as Ctwhalers.


Lol. If you only knew what I know. My English is actually very good. Do you have any specifics or are you just blabbering?


Sister Patricia was my English teacher.


Your grammar and spelling wasn't "very good" when I typed the comment above, but I see it has been corrected. I apologize. As for me not knowing what you supposedly do, please share.


Wally.... Thanks! Sometimes the word correct function gets ahead of me and I miss some words. I have gone back after proof reading and corrected spelling and grammar. Thanks for noticing.
As far as sharing, I would rather not since it is stuff I do not want to put in a public forum. I hope you can understand. If not, I am sorry but I just cannot expound.


Thanks for your apology as well, and glad we've pretty much cleared the air. We're obviously on different sides of that place, and my (correct) opinion DEFINITELY will not change.

After reading your comment about (you) knowing things I don't, I thought it meant that you know who I am...which is fine. That would mean that you know I'm opinionated, USUALLY RIGHT, and (obviously) not afraid to speak my mind. If that's the case, I'm sure you know how to reach me. If it isn't, then I'm also sure we could have a civilized discussion about it.


Wally....I don't know who you are. So, you are still incognito. :-), at least with me. I have only been posting for a few weeks and started out being civilized but got caught up quickly in the ruthlessness that sometimes is seen in blogging. I am trying to change my ways! Lol. I would much rather have civilized discussion, so that is where I plan on staying.
So, keep speaking your mind, and I will as well but in a less belligerent manner. As far as being usually right......I will pay closer attention! Lol


Wally I went to school there. Mr Faber is great guy. He has done so much for the school and sports. Yes I agree on teachers stuff but if the school redoes somthings they would be able to take care of the teachers.


You have your opinion, and I have the RIGHT one. After reading your comment and seeing that you went to school there, I have to say that they could probably use some better English teachers.


Have a good day everyone.