Bond issue up for discussion

School board expected to decide Monday whether to move forward on construction
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 23, 2014

Sandusky Schools is poised to place a monumental bond issue on the November ballot.

If approved by a majority of voters, it would fund the largest construction project in the district's history.

Sandusky school board members scheduled a pair of meetings to complete the two-step process of officially placing the issue on the November ballot:

•8 a.m. Friday at the district's board of education office, 407 Decatur St., Sandusky.

•5 p.m. Monday, at the same location.

On Friday, board members are expected to send a resolution to the Erie County Auditor's Office, certifying the specifics of the bond issue.

On Monday, they will vote on whether to officially place the proposal on the ballot. 

If approved by voters this fall, construction could begin as early as next summer.

The project

Board members most recently discussed the building project in June, when they agreed to send a resolution to the Ohio School Facilities Commission indicating their desire to move forward with the plan.

If approved, the district intends to:

•Construct two elementary school buildings — one for preschool through third grade, and one for grades 4-6 — near Sandusky High School, on the old Memorial Hospital site.

•Repurpose Mills Elementary School as an adult education building and Venice Heights Elementary School as the new Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies, a school for gifted students.

•Demolish Hancock, Ontario and Osborne elementary schools, unless someone offers a plan to repurpose them for public use.

•Demolish part of the former Jackson Junior High School building, while retaining the portion containing its gymnasium and swimming pool for public use.

•Renovate science laboratories at Sandusky High School.

The entire project will cost $58 million, with the facilities commission funding 54 percent of the project, and local taxpayers funding the remaining 46 percent through increased property taxes.

The 3.94-mill bond issue, estimated to endure 37 years, would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $138 in taxes each year.

Anyone can attend the public meetings on Friday and Monday, which the district announced Wednesday through two emailed news releases.


Sandusky Schools bond issue

•If approved, this bond issue would generate funds for a building project costing $58 million total, in a timeframe of 37 years. The proposal would construct two new elementary school buildings, renovate science labs at Sandusky High School and demolish three existing buildings.

•3.94-mill, 37-year bond issue.

•Would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $138 in additional taxes per year.


Sandumpy Proud

Heck yeah! I love taxes! Taxes, taxes, and more taxes!

Sandumpy Proud

Vote yes! It's for the children! Vote yes on all taxes! Yes!


More DUMPING on the producers. You have empty buildings all over town, fix one up and use it! NO TO YOU TOO!

Florence Nightingale

Local taxpayers would only pay for 46% of this - sounds like a good deal to me.


So you think the taxes used from the Feds don't come from some local level?
Where do Fed taxes come from? Aliens?

Florence Nightingale

Ok, let me rephrase. Only 46% of this will come from local PROPERTY taxes. Of course the rest is from other tax dollars, it's a public school. Of course we all pay for that indirectly, just like we pay for our elected officials' salaries.

Sandumpy Proud

Hopefully we get the same architects Perkins used. I want fountains!


How many jobs will be lost going from 5 elementary buildings to 2? 3 principals, 3 building secretaries, how many custodians, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers? How many adminstrative jobs will be eliminated? How much money will be saved by downsizing of staff and the resulting decrease in pension and health insurance that can then be used toward construction cost?


Now that's thinking! I say cut everyone's salary by 10% and build it yourself!


What is SHS graduation rate? But whatever it is undoubtedly a new building( with fountains, for Sandumpy) will improve the horrid performance of public education.


We need to delay this proposal until you take the plan out further into the community. Piling on Taxes after just passing a School levy is unconscionable. Let's pass the
admissions/income issue and start rebuilding the city first.


Ok, $97.50 for the city, plus $138/$100K home for the SCS, plus whatever else is yet to come....for our household, this is starting to add up. I wouldn't be at all surprised if everything goes down in November. I wonder if anyone had given any thought about that chance?


But if you don't agree with Rebuilding Sandusky and building new schools for "the children" you are an ignorant simpleton who needs to get an education and/or a better paying job! You should sell your home, move if you don't want to hand the incompetent, and greedy public unions more money!

Sandumpy Proud

Vote yes on every tax! Viva big government!


Didn't we just pass a levy. We have buildings sitting empty, buildings the city sold for about a buck. This is going down in flames.
I have never voted no on school issues, this will be my first AGAINST.