No pay hike again for Perkins teachers

District, teacher's union agree to contract good through early 2016
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 16, 2014

For a fifth straight year, Perkins Schools teachers have agreed to forgo base pay increases.

At a 15-minute meeting Wednesday evening, school board members OK'd a new contract between the district's administrators and teachers union, effective for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years.

All four board members present  approved the agreement, which is nearly identical to the pair's previous contract.

Board member Andy Carroll did not attend the meeting.

"Negotiating is never an easy process, but this was a good process," board president Matt Kosior said. "I think both sides understand where the other is coming from, and the financial difficulties the district has going forward."

Under the new contract, teachers will still retain their step pay increases, which teachers receive as their experience grows.

The contract does not hike their insurance costs, which have already increased greatly in the past five years, Kosior said.

"Teachers are making significantly less money, and although that may not be visible in salaries, it is in their total compensation package," he said.

The Register submitted a public records request to district treasurer Lisa Crescimano on Wednesday evening, requesting a copy of the finalized agreement, as well as specific figures regarding how it will impact the district's budget.

Levy deadline looming

Wednesday's gathering was the district's last regularly scheduled school board meeting before the deadline to place a tax levy on the November ballot.

On the heels of four straight failed levy attempts, it's still unclear if board members plan to try again this year.

The deadline to officially place an issue on the ballot is Aug. 6.

It's possible board members could announce a special meeting within the next few weeks to begin the process of placing a levy on the ballot.

The district's budget is dwindling, with only about $413,000 remaining in its cash reserves as of July 1. Its yearly budget is about $21 million.

When approached Wednesday, Kosior declined to comment on another possible levy attempt, saying board members hadn't finished discussing their options.



In other NEWS. The old GM plant employees that were making 30 bucks an hour 10 years ago just got a raise to 50 bucks an hour??????


LMAO! That's a good one considering the almighty UAW is about an inept as they come. Talk about a waste of union dues. How would you like to be part of their tiered wage system where the guy sitting next to you is doing the same mundane job and is making $30/hr while you have been their maybe 18 mos less than him and are making $ 17/hr and top out at $18/hr? The unions are good at lip service about equal pay for equal work but in reality this is how they sell out the younger workforce to keep the old guys who were eligible for retirement years ago in a job. No wonder they are seeing there numbers dwindle. That's one of the reasons they successfully voted out the UAW where my wife works. Why pay dues when you are receiving no benefit from them. In fact, once the union was gone the benefits package got better and their yearly wage increases have been double what the union was able to get. Unions, or should I say at least the UAW is worthless.


The headline and claims of the union are misleading. The step increases are raises, in some cases more than twice the inflation rate just for sticking around another year.


Is it such a bad thing for quality people to be paid?

Receiving a raise in wage or not, this is a diplomacy move, showing the teachers union's support of the district.


Quality people? Step increases reward people just for breathing oxygen another year. Now if the raise was tied to measurable quality indicators I'm certain there would be quite a few pissed off teachers.


Knuckle Dragger, what would be appropriate "measurable quality indicators" that would be appropriate for raising a teacher's pay?


Union support? This is he same Union that went on strike, encouraged the high school students to clime out the windows and walk the picket
line with them.


Stupidity is what stupidity does you all had a chance working for GM..
All you had to do is quit your sleazy job and work for one of the auto plants is that so hard to understand..
Everybody bitched about the $30 an hour now they're working for $17 an hour and the rest of us are retired guess what?
Some of us left for other states those retirees who stayed don't frequent your businesses guess who got the screwing LOL
Anybody who cries about union jobs should stay with their measly little jobs LOL


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